Monday, September 29, 2008

Luana Scott

Been emailing with Luana and asked if she would send me her bio so I could post it and here it is - THANKS LUANA - you look as beautiful as ever!

(PS If you are reading this and feel inclined to share a bit of your life with us, simply email me - we would REALLY love to hear from you!)


Just wanted to thank you for putting me in touch with the 1966 class person. I dropped Linda a note regarding my brothers death. I have been looking over your web page most of this morning and it is really well put together. Thank you for all your hard work with this site. It must be a love of yours to put that much time into it.

I guess you can post the picture I sent. There isn't much to say about me. I graduated and went to Valley JC for a short stint and then within the year moved to Honolulu where I stayed until joining up with Trans World Airlines in 1970. I was based in New York and then KC, Mo. and finally out to LAX where I spent the majority of my career until 1986 when a strike forced me to be based in St. Louis, Mo. But I didn't move - commuted back and forth until I finally got based in San Diego. I spent 10 years driving the freeway from Seal Beach to SAN and then American Airlines bought TWA and forced us into bankruptcy. I retired from American Airlines (being based in Chicago) on Dec. 15, 2007. So I had a wonderful career with the airlines and am currently employed as a sales rep for Zoom Eyeworks (yes, that would be the "cheaters" in Rite Aid, my only client) and have worked for them for 7 yrs. now. I am hoping to retire totally within the next year. I married in 1974 and was divorced a short 1 yr. 10 months 7 days and 12 and 1/2 hrs. later. (With the exception of the 12 and 1/2 hrs. it really states that on my divorce papers. LOL) I married a fellow I met in Honolulu when I was first there (the love of my life). After he left the Navy he became a cross country trucker. He definitely had other ideas of what fidelity meant. I have never remarried but enjoy the company of friends that I have acquired over the years. I have been divorced longer than most people have been married.

I moved to Seal Beach back in 1973 and have now lived in my own home longer than I ever lived in Burbank. I still own the home in Burbank (my brother Ron's and my little wee handprints are on the sidewalk) and it is an excellent rental property. I very seldom ever return to Burbank but did recently (a couple of summers ago) meet up with Susan Wildrick and Sue Gallant for a weekend at the Ramada Inn. We trekked around the area and visited old haunts if we could find them. Burbank has changed a lot !!

I have three four legged children - Mr. Beau, Vesper, & Gulliver Gal (fondly referred to as Lil Girl or Munchkin). They keep me totally supplied with all the unconditional love that pets bestow upon their humans. We get up most mornings at 0430 so that I can feed their little tummies and then back to bed again for a snooze and a cuddle. They start my day off with a smile and kitty kisses.

Well that is my life - not terribly exciting or active. Don't know why I am telling you all this and you don't need to print it all either. Just thought that maybe someone would remember me. Maybe not. But that is all that there is.

Cheers, ^jj^ ;o)) Luana

Cool pic of Luana on a cruise to Alaska this past May!


  1. Luanna;
    Ron Smith here; your brothers friend and you were so kind to
    be my date for the prom!
    Great to read about you and the events of your life.
    I was just thinking about the time between my leaving Burbank and
    hearing of Ron's passing from his friend, the gentleman that did radio
    announcing. He contacted me through
    I am well settled in Pasadena. Would be great to speak some time.
    Best to you and your wonderful 4 legged friends; Ron

  2. Hey Ron
    Sorry I didn't call after your last email to me on Classmates. I don't subscribe to it any longer and I did lose your phone number. I will give you a call to catch up this weekend.

    Have a great Holiday Weekend!
    Cheers, ^jj^ ;o))