Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick Emergency Loop

Just received the following email from Pam & Jon Kirkwood - BIG THANKS in advance if you can help.

Please remember to keep in prayer those who are at risk with these dangerous fires here in California. And if you'd like to be included in The Loop and receive the Kirkwood's monthly update, please email Pam at


This will just be a quick message and we promise we will not take up much of your time... As you know, we are experiencing very strong winds here much of Southern California (especially the San Fernando Valley) and there are many fires raging out of control... We received a message just now from our classmate John Brennan '64 and his wife Kim... They live in the Little Tujunga area and are ok, but their good friends, who live in a mobile home park in Lake View Terrace didn't fair so well... Please read Kim's email and if you can help...great... She has included all of the contact information and here is John and Kim's email address as well

This morning very good friends of ours and their children lost everything but the pj's on their backs in the fire that took over their mobile home park in Lake View Terrace. We are asking for your help in any donations that you might be able to make. Clothes are desperately needed. Sergio wears a 2X shir t, 40w 32h pants and 10 1/2 shoe, Angela wears large tops, 11-13 pants and 6 shoes, Samatha who is 12 years old wears a large shirt, 7 pants and 7 shoes and little Gennaro is in 5 toddler, 10 shoes. Please contact Kim Brennan @ 818/272-7612 or drop off @ Avignones Bar 2321 Honolulu Ave. Montrose, Ca. 818/249-5471 Thanks for all your support.
Kim Brennan


Also, we received this message from Gerry Altman '64 this morning... Please keep Gerry and Jeff Altman '68, their dear Dad and their entire family in your prayers...

Pam, I do not normally do this but I wanted to tell my friends that knew my Dad Leonard Altman, 94 years old, that he is gravely ill, and near death. Many people knew my father and I wanted to post this. When something does finally happen, I will let you know. Keep us in your prayers as this is a very difficult time for my brother and myself, as well as my family. He is in Hospice Care at my brother's home. Take care and all the best to you and Jon.
Gerry Altman.


One more thing...Kathy Augustyn Frazer '64 is a longtime teacher/counselor at Hoover High...She wanted us to tell you that Hoover is having an EBay fundraiser...If you are interested in participating to help out the is the scoop...

Hi Ms Kirkwood,
My name is Vic Bedrossian, I am a parent volunteer at Hoover High School. Spoke to Kathy Fraser of HHS (she is a supporter of our eBay on-line fundraiser benefitting Hoover High School) and she recommended that I contact you. We are engaged in a donation drive and could use any promotional support we can get. I have included below a promotional email with all necessary information. If you can help with distribution of this email we would be most appreciative. I am always available to answer any questions regarding our fundraiser and am always available for donations as well. Thanks for any help you can provide,
Vic Bedrossian
818 500-0886

Hoover High School parent volunteers are engaged in a unique fundraiser approved and supported by GUSD, Glendale Educational Foundation and Hoover High School. The Glendale Educational Foundation has established an e-Bay charitable auction site and will be conducting it's first ever on-line 7 day eBay auction starting November 15 and ending November 22. Hoover High will auction a wonderful variety of items to raise funds to purchase SMART Board interactive teaching aids and install them in as many Hoover High School classrooms as possible. The starting bid price is 99 cents for all items! Some of the many items donated to date include; a $500 Glendale Galleria gift card, Gift certificates from a variety of Galleria merchants, gift certificates to local restaurants, a $100 gift certificate to the Barbie store, A lunch with the school superintendent and board of education president, rounds of golf at local golf courses, tickets to sporting events, sports memorabilia, a satellite radio, A Tivo, works of local artists, two night stay in a bed and breakfast, Signed books by renowned authors, watches, haircuts, facials, flowers and much much more. 100% of all auction proceeds will go to Hoover High School. You can help by donating any new item of value. Business donors can help support a great cause while advertising to thousands of potential eBay buyers both in and outside of the community. Individual donors will also be acknowledged in each eBay listing.

Giving is easy, just email or call Vic Bedrossian ( parent volunteer )at 818 500-0886 you can also contact Chris Walters ( Hoover PTSA President ) by email at or call her at 818 749-5885. Those unable to donate can still participate by bidding on an eclectic variety of items. Starting on November 15. Simply go to Remember to bid high and bid often!

For more information on our inaugural fundraiser visit

Or go to the Hoover web page:


Okay promised...that's it...
We hope that if there are any of you residing in the fire areas, that you stay safe...
Until next time...
Stay tuned...
Love, Pam and Jon

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