Friday, October 31, 2008

Alan and Blyden’s Story on UCLA Website

Hey Alan, this is SO GREAT!!! May you continue to heal quickly and completely I pray. And BIG THANKS to Blyden too!
(Both are BHS class '70)

Alan Landros and Blyden Loutensock

As of today, October 31, Blyden and my story about the kidney transplant is now on the UCLA website.


When the website appears, our fifth grade picture is at the top center of the page. In the lower right of that picture click where it says: click for full story to see the video and read the entire story and see the still pictures.

My surgeon, Dr. Gritsch, is also interviewed. He is the Surgical Director for Kidney Transplant at UCLA. He told me he has done well over 2,000 kidney transplants in the last 14 years! Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center is ranked the #3 hospital in the entire U.S. again this year, and is ranked #7 for kidney transplant in the entire country again this year. So, I am glad that was the hospital and the surgeon that I had!

Alan L.

Burbank, CA Guide

Received the following email today... cool logo!

Hi Cathy,

I found your blog while searching for information about Burbank High School and wanted to introduce myself. I recently re-launched, a guide to Burbank, California. In addition to providing information about Burbank's history, hotels, restaurants, attractions and activities, I also have a couple of pages dedicated to BHS:

I was wondering if you would be willing to add a link to - "Burbank, CA Guide" on your links section. It would really be appreciated! Also, I am happy to update the calendar with any events you have scheduled.


- -
Elliot J. Silver
Top Notch Domains, LLC

Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Few Responses from Newsletter

Below are a few responses from the latest newsletter sent out - Thanks Folks!

Thank you so much for putting this newsletter together. I was unable to make the Centennial (Live in Texas now) but was so excited about reading about how everyone is doing. Going back in time can be fun and seeing the names of classmates, brings back the Burbank spirit and so many memories.

Keep up the great work!
Patty Betbeze

Hi Cathy:
Thank you so much for the newsletter. You are doing a wonderful newsletter. I have 2 granddaughters. I have moved back to Burbank. My husband and I won first prize at the Holiday Inn in Burbank Halloween costume contest. I wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving, Christmas, and a very Happy new Year.

Flora Angel Ferrens

Dear Cathy,
I have has such a good time reading your newsletters. Thank you for sending them to me. I have not attended reunions, and love recalling everyone's names. Please pass my prayers on to Mary Ogle and her family.
Peggy Tufts MacLeod

Thanks for the memories. This greeting comes from Kumasi, Ghana. I'm in an internet cafe on the campus of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (son-in-law attends here). We are visiting grandchild #4 (age 20 months). I will be redeeming the time by conducting a seminar for preachers from Ghana and Togo. Teaching with translators is interesting. Then, I go back to the grind of the lab in Fayette, Missouri. ( I concur with Greg vanderWerff. I still tell people about Dr. Twitchell - especially my chemists who can't write a coherent research report. Paula Dean appeared on my radar a few years ago. The author of an article was Paula H. D. something (sorry Paula, I don't have my address book here in Africa). I read the abstract and knew it had to be her, so I e-mailed. Amazing!

Rhys Thomas

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Jackie Hayes Steen ('68)

Yesterday, Marilyn Miller and I visited Jackie Hayes Steen at her lovely home in Danville.

We all were in Z Club together at BHS and I have only fond memories of laughing A LOT with Jackie - she was and STILL IS a delight!

On the way home, I realized I'd forgotten to take any photos and Jackie graciously sent these beautiful pictures from her oldest son and her daughter's weddings. Thanks so much, Jackie!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

J-Mac's Basketball Game

Below is a very inspiring video clip about Jason McElwain (nickname J-Mac), the amazing young man who in 2006 hit six 3-pointers in the final minutes of his high school basketball game.


The 17 year-old Senior at Greece Athena High School loved the game of basketball. Challenged by Autism, Jason McElwain had not displayed the athletic talent required to make the team; but he refused to give up. Jason attended every practice and assisted the team in whatever way he could. Within a short amount of time, he was given an official capacity on the team by being named team manager.

Dedicated to his team, Jason was one of the first to arrive at practice and among the last to leave. He made sure each basketball was filled with the recommended amount of air pressure; he filled the water bottles; he handed out towels to his teammates; and he toweled down the wet spots on the court. He took a job that most kids would never consider – and he never missed a practice.

As a reward for his dedication, the coach gave Jason a uniform and asked him to suit up for the team’s final regular season game. Jason took the uniform and wore it proudly. He encouraged each player as they took the court and was the first one to offer a “high five” each time they came off the court.

No one expected Jason to play that evening, but as Greece Athena took a commanding lead, the crowd was hoping to see their dedicated manager take the court, if only for a few moments. With less than four minutes to play, the coach barked for the 5 foot 6 Senior to step up. The young man, momentarily confused, took the court with a smile that lit up the arena. Nobody could have possibly imagined what they were about to witness, well nobody except for Jason.

The ball was passed to Jason and he quickly put up a shot. It bounced off the backboard to be rebounded by the opposing team. A few moments later, Jason found himself with the ball. With the crowd on their feet, Jason put up a long, three point shot that slashed through the net. Over the next four minutes, Jason McElwain put on an NBA caliber performance. He scored a total of 20 points — hitting six three point shots and one two point shot.

As the final moments ticked off the clock, McElwain was hoisted to the shoulders of his team mates and carried off the court. The drama was captured by video and has been shown on national networks across the globe. When asked about his performance, Jason didn’t talk about the performance of his life. Instead, he took the opportunity to encourage others. He simply said, “Keep working, keep dreaming. Someday you will get your chance.”

And what is J-Mac doing these days?
League of Miracles fundraiser to host ‘J Mac’

Friday, October 24, 2008

The Holst Twins Turn 60 Today!

Thanks girls for the great photos and reminder. And to Bob and Tom, you both look great for being so old - hahahaa - may you have a fantastic day!

Hey CP:

Guess who's turning 60 now? On Friday, Oct. 24th our own Bob and Tom Holst will be celebrating the BIG 60! They still have their winning smiles and gorgeous blonde hair! "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWINS FROM A COUPLE OF YOUNGER TWINS..." We Love Ya!

The Nicholls Twins

Thursday, October 23, 2008

A Blast from the Past Thanks to Linda Peterson Everett

Linda said I could post these photos from her 1965 birthday party, 1959 slumber party and 1958 square dance party - what a hoot!! Thanks Linda for the memories and glad the house sold so fast. It is a beautiful home (link).

Deanna, Andrea and Cathy,

In cleaning everything out of the house at 600 Walnut Ave. we found Dad’s slides which Louanne was able to scan. Thought you might enjoy a couple of them! Seems like only yesterday………….I don’t think any of us ever get this dressed up anymore.

Ciao bellas,


Follow up email:

Sure, you can post them on the blog……….I also have a couple of pictures from 1959 of my birthday slumber party that are a riot. You aren’t in them, of course, but Deanna, Marilyn, Patti Hardinghaus and Joan Haugh are! I will send you those, too and you can post them on your blog if you think they would be of interest!

Love you,


The first photo is Marilyn Miller, Deanna Lloyd, Linda Peterson, Andrea Moxness, Joan Haugh, Cathy Palmer and in the second one, Linda's mom and brother Danny join in as we stand in front of their house.

In the pic above:
1st: ??, Linda Peterson, Patty Hardinghaus, Joan Haugh
2nd: Deanna Lloyd and Marilyn Miller
3rd: ?? (is she Louanne, Linda's sister?)

October 26, 2008 UPDATE
Here is Pete Peterson's page in his 45th Reunion booklet for the Class of '39.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Class '66 Centennial Photos

Linda Schuster Mazur, Allene (Sandi) Tillotson Clum, Kris Sorenson and Maria Rogan
Bruce Keswick, Owen Newcomer, Barbara Robman Riedling, Ron Coen, Steve Striker

Here it the link to see Linda Mazur's photos from her class of 66 that she took at the Centennial. I did notice a couple of '67 alumni in the pics too!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Leave it to Beaver

Received this email from John Rocke today - thanks John - lol!

No matter how young you feel,
This one still hurts.

Eddie Haskel, the Beaver and Wally

Out of curiosity, I went online to find out how old these guys really are:
Eddie/Ken Osmond was born in 1943.
The Beaver/Jerry Matters was born in 1948.
Wally/Tony Dow was born in 1945.

And here's what they looked like MANY years ago!

Watch Leave it to Beaver now - Part 1


Part 2


Part 3


Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Circle of Life

Alan Landros is a wealth of information, especially regarding Burbank folks, and today, he copied me on an email he sent to Mary & Janet Ogle which is below. Thanks Alan and if you can get that photo scanned of your high school Latin club party, I'd love to post it!

Subject: Re: Mother's Passing

Hi Mary and Janet,

I've emailed several times this year with Mary, first about Nancy's 1968 Nixon paper dress, hoping to get it for the BHS Centennial display, then about my friend, Paul Nelson, who was with your dad in the '36 Hoover class and in Track together with him.

Then I saw Janet at the Centennial and got to visit briefly with her at BJ's Brewery on the Saturday night of the Centennial. I think I mentioned to both of you that I was in the '70 BHS class, between John and Nancy. I knew of John in Cross Country and Track, since I was Kallem and Kemp's Manager all three years I was at BHS. I was in Latin class and Latin Club with Nancy for two years, and one of my fond memories of the club was a Latin Christmas party in the basement of your home at Bel Aire and Elmwood. I still have the pictures from that party, where we were all wearing togas, including Mr. Loughnane, our teacher! I wrote about that party in my "interview" on the BHS Centennial website. I am a friend of Carl and Kathy Au Crosier from Hawaii, and Kathy told me what a delightful time they had sitting with Janet and Mark at the '68 reunion! (In case Janet purchased a Centennial book, I wrote three of the stories in the book; about Genevieve Sultenfuss '28 on page 15; about Greg Robinson '69 on page 103; and about myself and Blyden Loutensock '70 on page 104.)

I have followed the Ogle Family news over the last months through Cathy Palmer's blog. What a service she does for us all, regardless of our class year! I was so very sad to read of your mother's recent passing, and surprised that she went sooo fast, after her troubles became evident only two to three months earlier! I'm sure even with your very large family it is still quite hard to have to say good-bye to one loved so much! I lost my mother in 1985 at age 65, and my dad in 1999 at age 80. It still makes me sad that I didn't have them in my life longer than I did. Next week would have been my mother's 89th birthday, and November 13 would have been my dad's 90th birthday. Hard for me to think of them as that old! My dad was just two months younger than Paul Nelson, who turned 90 on September 12.

I have printed out Mary's messages regarding Paul Nelson, which I will give to him the next time I see him. He is planning to come up here, (Santa Clarita), to see me sometime next week from Glendale. I will give him your dad's address and phone number in Santa Cruz. Also, I printed out the photo of your folks taken in 2006 to give to Paul. I am not driving yet, or going out except to medical appointments at UCLA, where my kidney transplant surgery was done on September 24. That's why Paul is coming here to see me. Perhaps you've seen some of the coverage of the surgery on Cathy's blog. You may remember my donor's father, Coach Jack Loutensock, at BHS. He was the Varsity Basketball Coach while we were all there. He also taught Science. My donor, Blyden Loutensock, and I first met while in the same 5th grade class at Thomas Jefferson School in Burbank, in the fall of 1962, when the Loutensock's moved to Burbank from the Valley. We were together in the same 6th grade class, too, and then John Muir and BHS together. The idea of the kidney transplant has been totally Blyden's idea all along. I feel very fortunate, and definitely blessed!

I'm hoping Paul Nelson will phone your dad to visit, since he has been through losing his spouse twice in the last 5 1/2 years. Between those losses, Paul's son, Joe, died in 2005 from cancer, (he was Glendale High '68 - born in 1950). Paul and his first wife, Pam, were married for 60 1/2 years, just like your folks. Pam died in 2002 exactly two months before her 80th birthday on November 30. They have a daughter, now 62, and son-in-law, with no children. Paul and Pam also had Joe, who had two sons, now 28 and 30, who both live in Wisconsin, Neither are married yet, so there are no great-grandchildren yet, either. Paul remarried in 2005 to Marilyn Moon Sullivan, Hoover High '39.

They first met in 1939 through Paul's first wife, Pam. Marilyn was widowed in 2003. Paul and Marilyn were married for 3 years and 3 months when Marilyn died on May 24 of this year, only 10 days after their return from a trip around the Mediterranean, including Greece, Turkey, Cypress, Israel, Egypt, and more. So, her death was rather sudden. October 6, the day your mother passed away, would have been Marilyn's 86th birthday. She and her first husband only have one daughter, who has a daughter and a son, both married now. The granddaughter gave birth to her first child, a boy, last week on Marilyn's birthday, October 6! The "circle of life" continues! So, Marilyn's first great-grandchild was born after she was gone, although she knew he was coming, and that he was a boy! Anyway, Paul lost Pam in 2002, Joe in 2005, and now Marilyn in 2008. Perhaps he may be of some small comfort to your dad during this time.

I'd best close for now. My sympathy goes to you both, as to your dad, and the entire Ogle Family.

Alan Landros

The '67 Bulldogs basketball team with Coach Loutensock at the helm!
(click photo to enlarge)

Friday, October 17, 2008

Laura Ziskin '68

Remember Laura? Wow! This BHS alumni has made and continues to make a HUGE mark in Hollywood!

Here are a few video clips of past interviews with Laura.




Read more about Laura on Wikipedia.

Centinenital ReUnion Email from Bruce Keswick '66

It was great seeing you after all these years, Bruce and glad you like the blog!

Cathy, just wanted to say hi and that it was great seeing you again after all of the years. You have a great blog.

Bruce Keswick

Thank You from the Ogle Family

Alice Nichols Ogle - August 6, 1925 to October 6, 2008

On behalf of Dad and the rest of the family, I want to express our appreciation for all the messages, cards, flowers and phone calls expressing condolences for our loss. It truly eases the grief for Dad to know that so many people loved and cared about Mom, his wife of 60 years - the service on Sat. was truly a celebration of her life. All 6 of us were there with Dad (Vern driving from Texas with his family), along with 5 of the 10 grandchildren (my Taryn coming from NYC & Trevin from Oregon ) while the 4 little great-grandchildren were home with their mothers in Colo. & Conn. It was so comforting to Dad to be joined by so many caring friends especially two of Mom’s nieces and several long-time friends who all drove long distances to be at the memorial. As my cousin Sylvia Nichols-Nelson emailed to us later it was a “beautiful service. It went easy on us; a difficult time turned into a very meaningful healing experience for all of us. We learned a little more about our family and what keeps us strong ........ tenacity and good humor! Of course, lots of Love!”

At the service when I stood up to welcome and thank everyone for coming, I stumbled over my words, so now I’ll take the opportunity to say a little more about my mother who I know is watching & supervising from above. Mom would have been happy seeing her family all together for the weekend, trying to have fun, playing cards with Dad and laughing as we remembered good times. She would have been proud of us for being organized and taking care of all the details and logistics (and making sure Daddy was wearing a clean shirt). She taught us well! My Mother was an amazing woman; a wonderful wife & mother, loving sister, favorite niece, beloved aunt, and faithful friend. She was a proper lady with high standards and a clear view of right and wrong. She expected everything to be done correctly and for us to always do our best, be well-mannered, get a good education, and contribute to the community as she always did. While she was an extremely active volunteer -- at our schools in Burbank, the Burbank First Methodist Church, National Charity League, La Providencia Guild for LA Children’s Hospital, the Republican Party, PEO, and later the Los Osos Library and San Luis Obispo’s French Hospital -- she always took care of her family first (fixing Dad a pitcher of ice tea every day for 60+ years and having dinner on the table every night at 5:30pm.) Mom launched my volunteer career in high school when we were in National Charity League together and you won’t be surprised that she got me my first job at our local congressman's office. I tried hard to follow her example, yet -- who could possibly keep up with her energy and organizational skills and political involvement and charity work while raising 6 kids? Now as we watch Mom’s grandchildren graduate from college, launch their careers, marry and start families, we hope she’s proud of her legacy for they all seem to have inherited her intelligence, ambitions, talents and organizational skills. One of her granddaughters, my niece Anika, was the next to speak at the service. She told of going to college at Cal Poly SLO in order to be near her grandparents and how much she learned from my mother. We were also honored to have several others including family, friends & PEO sisters make kind comments about Mom, the example she set, her organizational skills, her leadership, and her friendship. She touched so many lives and I’m so proud to be her daughter. We will miss you, Mom! and we promise to take good care of Daddy!

Attached is a picture of Mom taken on March 20, 2008 (Mom & Dad’s 60th Anniversary) when she was still doing okay. After her fall and concussion in June she declined very quickly. We’re all so grateful that on July 19th just a week before Mom & Dad moved to Santa Cruz we were able to have an Ogle family reunion missing only 1 grandson and that she seemed to know who we all were and have a good time (see photo*). Mom’s last days seemed to be happy ones as she was lost in her memories of a wonderful life.

For my part, being reminded of the importance of family I’m glad that this summer I decided to move to Denver to be near my grandchildren and become an active part of their lives. Thank you again to everyone for your kind support. Special thanks to Aunt Mary & Aunt Ellen for their memories of Mom as a young girl.

Much Love to All, Mary

P.S. Check out my son Trevin Pieh ’s new web page at

Mary Ogle
5250 Cherry Creek South Dr. #6-I (moving to Apt. #4E in mid-Nov.)
Denver, CO 80246
720-255-2157; cell 808-960-3511

*Ogle Family Photo:

Front Row: Alice & Bob Ogle
Left to Right: Mike Bergener holding Ash Bergener, Tristen Pieh -Bergener, Tyler Ogle , Erin Ogle , Trevin Pieh , Jessie Ogle-Konaktchiev with Ilina Konaktchiev in front, Dashiell Dunkell, Mary Ogle (me), Anika Dunkell , Vern Ogle , Nancy Ogle (Dunkell), Bob Ogle , Lynda Ogle, Janet Ogle (Kami), Andre Dunkell, Bonnie Ogle, Mark Kami, Taryn Pieh , John Ogle . (missing Ethan Ogle )

--- end ---

Janet Ogle email posted on the Class of '66 blog.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Our BHS Bulldog Biker

Here are a few pics of Shari in Utah at the Huntsman Senior World Games - thanks Shari!

I'm next

Cathy, I can't get my pics to you yet but if you go to there are some pics that a fellow member took at the start of the hill climb. Just click on Huntsman World Games on the right side. Oh yeah! You know how to work the computer, unlike me! I haven't seen them since I use the library's comp. Thanks for all the announcements on last weeks events.

I'm tryng to get back to whatever normal is. Sat I'm taking Amtrak and going to visit an old friend. should be lots of fun.

Hope all is well with you up in the north country!

On the way to a Gold!
The gang of four

"Did it! Over all winner in Division III winner 55-59. 4 Gold in all 4 events: Hill Climb set new record. TimeTrial on Weds Crit(erium) lapped my dividion n finished w upper w upper div. Fri in Road Race I was the first winner to finish 37k. Next yr I move up to Div II and a new age category. I can't believe I acturally did it."


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

3 great iPhotos

Received this email from Jeanne Barron Aikman today. Thanks Jeanne for the pics!

Good Morning Cathy,

Just a quick note with pics of dinner last night with Mary Ogle, her dad, sister Nancy and Nancy's husband Andre. The first is clearer than the last two which show the beautiful evening sky over the coastal waters.

It was such a delight being with them even though the circumstances were so sad.

I'll write more later, I just know these next few days will be hectic and I wanted to share these sooner than later.

I'm headed to school. Another big day in the sculpture lab. Blessings dear friend,



Received the following email from Chris Peterson - thanks for the inspiration, Chris!

Cathy, Not sure if you can use this in your blog but the message is close to my heart.
J. Christopher Peterson

I walked into the grocery store not particularly interested in buying groceries. I wasn't hungry. The pain of losing my husband of 57 years was still too raw. And this grocery store held so many sweet memories.

He often came with me and almost every time he'd pretend to go off and look for something special. I knew what he was up to. I'd always spot him walking down the aisle with the three yellow roses in hi s hands.

He knew I lived yellow roses. With a heart filled with grief, I only wanted to buy my few items and leave, but even grocery shopping was different since he had passed on.

Shopping for one took time, a little more thought than it had for two.

Standing by the meat, I searched for the perfect small steak and remembered how he had loved his steak.

Suddenly a woman came beside me. She was blonde, slim and lovely in a soft green pant suit. I watched as she picked up a large package of T-bones,dropped them in her basket.. hesitate d, and then put them back. She turned to go and once again reached for the pack of steaks.

She saw me watching her and she smiled. 'My husband loves T-bones, but honestly, at these prices, I don't know.'

I swallowed the emotion down my throat and met her pale blue eyes.

'My husband passed away eight days ago,' I told her. Glancing at the package in her hands, I fought to control the tremble in my v voice. 'Buy him the steaks. And cherish every moment you have together.'

She shook her head and I saw the emotion in her eyes as she placed the package in her basket and wheeled away

I turned and pushed my cart across the length of the store to the dairy products. There I stood, trying to decide which size milk I should buy. A Quart, I finally decided and moved on to the ice cream. If nothing else, I could always fix myself an ice cream cone.

I placed the ice cream in my cart and looked down the aisle toward the front. I saw first the green suit, then recognized the pretty lady coming toward me. In her arms she carried a package. On her face was the brightest smile! I had ever seen. I would swear a soft halo encircled her blonde hair as she kept walking toward me, her eyes holding mine.

As she came closer, I saw what she held and tears began misting in my eyes. 'These are for you,' she said and placed three beautiful long stemmed yellow roses in my arm s. 'When you go through the line, they will know these are paid for..' She leaned over and placed a gentle kiss on my cheek, then smiled again. I wanted to tell her what she'd done, what the roses meant, but still unable to speak, I watched as she walked away as tears clouded my vision.

I looked down at the beautiful roses nestled in the green tissue wrapping and found it almost unreal. How did she know? Suddenly the answer seemed so clear. I wasn't alone.

Oh, you haven't forgotten me, have you? I whispered, with tears in my eyes. He was still with me, and she was his angel.

Every day be thankful for what you have and who you are. (Please read all of this, it is really nice)

This is a simple request. If you appreciate life, send this to your friends, including! the person that sent it to you.

Even though I clutch my blanket and growl when the alarm rings. Thank you, Lord, that I can hear. There are many who are deaf.

Even though I keep my eyes closed against the morning light as long as possible. Thank you, Lord , that I can see. Many are blind.

Even though I huddle in my bed and put off rising. Thank you, Lord, that I have the strength to rise. There are many who are bedridden.

Even though the first hour of my day is hectic, when socks are lost, toast is burned, tempers are short, and my children are so loud.

Thank you, Lord, for my family. There are many who are lonely.

Even though our breakfast table never looks like the picture in magazines and the menu is at times unbalanced.

Thank you, Lord, for the food we have. There are many who are hungry.

Even though the routine of my job often is monotonous. Thank you, Lord, for the opportunity to work. There are many who have no job.

Even though I grumble and bemoan my fate from day to day and wish my circumstances were not so modest.

Thank you, Lord, for life.

Pass this on to the friends you know. It might help a bit to make this world a better place to live, right? A friend is someone we turn to when our spirits need a lift. A friend is someone to treasure.

For friendship is a gift. A friend is someone who fills our lives with Beauty, Joy and Grace and makes the world we live in a better and happier place.


God bless you and yours.

May your troubles be less, May your blessings be more, May nothing but happiness come through your door!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Quick Emergency Loop

Just received the following email from Pam & Jon Kirkwood - BIG THANKS in advance if you can help.

Please remember to keep in prayer those who are at risk with these dangerous fires here in California. And if you'd like to be included in The Loop and receive the Kirkwood's monthly update, please email Pam at


This will just be a quick message and we promise we will not take up much of your time... As you know, we are experiencing very strong winds here much of Southern California (especially the San Fernando Valley) and there are many fires raging out of control... We received a message just now from our classmate John Brennan '64 and his wife Kim... They live in the Little Tujunga area and are ok, but their good friends, who live in a mobile home park in Lake View Terrace didn't fair so well... Please read Kim's email and if you can help...great... She has included all of the contact information and here is John and Kim's email address as well

This morning very good friends of ours and their children lost everything but the pj's on their backs in the fire that took over their mobile home park in Lake View Terrace. We are asking for your help in any donations that you might be able to make. Clothes are desperately needed. Sergio wears a 2X shir t, 40w 32h pants and 10 1/2 shoe, Angela wears large tops, 11-13 pants and 6 shoes, Samatha who is 12 years old wears a large shirt, 7 pants and 7 shoes and little Gennaro is in 5 toddler, 10 shoes. Please contact Kim Brennan @ 818/272-7612 or drop off @ Avignones Bar 2321 Honolulu Ave. Montrose, Ca. 818/249-5471 Thanks for all your support.
Kim Brennan


Also, we received this message from Gerry Altman '64 this morning... Please keep Gerry and Jeff Altman '68, their dear Dad and their entire family in your prayers...

Pam, I do not normally do this but I wanted to tell my friends that knew my Dad Leonard Altman, 94 years old, that he is gravely ill, and near death. Many people knew my father and I wanted to post this. When something does finally happen, I will let you know. Keep us in your prayers as this is a very difficult time for my brother and myself, as well as my family. He is in Hospice Care at my brother's home. Take care and all the best to you and Jon.
Gerry Altman.


One more thing...Kathy Augustyn Frazer '64 is a longtime teacher/counselor at Hoover High...She wanted us to tell you that Hoover is having an EBay fundraiser...If you are interested in participating to help out the is the scoop...

Hi Ms Kirkwood,
My name is Vic Bedrossian, I am a parent volunteer at Hoover High School. Spoke to Kathy Fraser of HHS (she is a supporter of our eBay on-line fundraiser benefitting Hoover High School) and she recommended that I contact you. We are engaged in a donation drive and could use any promotional support we can get. I have included below a promotional email with all necessary information. If you can help with distribution of this email we would be most appreciative. I am always available to answer any questions regarding our fundraiser and am always available for donations as well. Thanks for any help you can provide,
Vic Bedrossian
818 500-0886

Hoover High School parent volunteers are engaged in a unique fundraiser approved and supported by GUSD, Glendale Educational Foundation and Hoover High School. The Glendale Educational Foundation has established an e-Bay charitable auction site and will be conducting it's first ever on-line 7 day eBay auction starting November 15 and ending November 22. Hoover High will auction a wonderful variety of items to raise funds to purchase SMART Board interactive teaching aids and install them in as many Hoover High School classrooms as possible. The starting bid price is 99 cents for all items! Some of the many items donated to date include; a $500 Glendale Galleria gift card, Gift certificates from a variety of Galleria merchants, gift certificates to local restaurants, a $100 gift certificate to the Barbie store, A lunch with the school superintendent and board of education president, rounds of golf at local golf courses, tickets to sporting events, sports memorabilia, a satellite radio, A Tivo, works of local artists, two night stay in a bed and breakfast, Signed books by renowned authors, watches, haircuts, facials, flowers and much much more. 100% of all auction proceeds will go to Hoover High School. You can help by donating any new item of value. Business donors can help support a great cause while advertising to thousands of potential eBay buyers both in and outside of the community. Individual donors will also be acknowledged in each eBay listing.

Giving is easy, just email or call Vic Bedrossian ( parent volunteer )at 818 500-0886 you can also contact Chris Walters ( Hoover PTSA President ) by email at or call her at 818 749-5885. Those unable to donate can still participate by bidding on an eclectic variety of items. Starting on November 15. Simply go to Remember to bid high and bid often!

For more information on our inaugural fundraiser visit

Or go to the Hoover web page:


Okay promised...that's it...
We hope that if there are any of you residing in the fire areas, that you stay safe...
Until next time...
Stay tuned...
Love, Pam and Jon

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Palmer Alumni

Other BHS alumni from my family begin with my cousin, Willard Palmer Jr (class '48), then my sisters Patricia Palmer Peck (class '55) & Susan Palmer Wheeler (class '58), followed by my nieces, Karen Lundquist Lenoski (class '78) & Kristine Lundquist (class '79). This weekend, I had a fun visit with my sisters who enjoyed the centennial books I brought them.

Susan Palmer Wheeler ('58), Cathy Palmer ('67), Patricia Palmer Peck ('55)

Email From Jeanne Barron Aikman

Thanks so much for your sweet email, Jeanne, and I do remember when you were on the Popeye show with Tom Hatten - would love to find that clip for sure!

Hi Cathy
My how time flys when having fun!!
I peeked into your blog for just a second and wound up spending nearly an hour there. WOW All the added links you've posted took me into some interesting stories and definitely down memory lane.

I checked in on Shari. What an inspiration she is!!

I checked out the 68 reunion Sunday night after the centennial. Looked like a lot of fun. Sorry to see their memorial site so full already.

I'm so proud of you for setting the standard and paving the way for us to stay in touch and connected. The community lives on much because of you.

Your link to Scott Bruckner's art was a reminder of a lengthy conversation I had with him at TL Bob's. We talked shop a bit and I had every intention of looking up his website as soon as I got home. Didn't happen though as I jumped right back into work and have been inundated since. So, thanks for the reminder. His sculptures are awesome.

I'm going to try to connect up with Mary Ogle this Monday or Tuesday in Santa Cruz. I'm hoping to see her dad too. It's been so many years. The memory of her mom that keeps surfacing for me is of her in the kitchen with her apron on. She was always in the kitchen ;0) My heart feels so heavy today for them all. That may be why I spent so much time on the blog.

What a treat to hear from Greg. I really enjoyed all the fun and laughter with him at our 40th reunion at Deanna's party. I'm glad Alan Singer nudged him into the blog-fold.

Jerry W Clark received my birthday call tonight. A couple days off but oh well, I'll help prolong the pain of turning 60. Hey, are you next?? HA! He and Terri are in Tahoe and we talked a bit until we lost the connection. Whenever I think of him, I always remember him in 1st grade on the old Miller playground kicking his cowboy boot off with the ball. And it always went so high up. Man, he knew how to impress the girls at such an early age didn't he?

Well then, I indulged myself in the nostalgic tv clips. Ahhh, Sheriff John. I remember how important it was to be ready for the Lunch Brigade with my pbj's. I couldn't believe I instantly remembered the Laugh and Be Happy song and my favorite, Put Another Candle On My Birthday Cake. What a precious world we lived in.

With Engineer Bill, which I also watched religiously as a child, I sat here wondering what had me so captured. Then, low and behold, he was off to the refrigerator and I could hardly wait to see the infamous Red Light/ Green Light game. got milk?

My most fave for tonight though was The Little Rascals. I just loved those kids the most. I could still watch it for hours. That really brought it all home. Hmm I wonder if I could ever find the Skipper Tom, Popeye show that I was on??

Now, because my eyes are tired and I want to make sure there's something to come back to (I know, no need to worry with you at the helm) I'm saving Paul, Jerry and Soupy Sales for later.

oh raa oh raa oh raa

Who knows, maybe White Fang will meet up with Ruth Buzzy on Laugh In or somethin'.

Thanks Cathy for keeping me off the streets tonight with your interactive blog. I'm sure there are others just as thankful.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend sunshine.
Lots of love
Jeanne Barron Aikman

Friday, October 10, 2008

Children's TV in the 50's

Who remembers SHERIFF JOHN?






What about the corn ball humor of SOUPY SALES and White Fang


And don't forget THE LITTLE RASCALS!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


10/10/08 UPDATE:
So yesterday I called Jerry who I hadn't spoken to in 40+ years and chatted a bit after singing Happy Birthday to him! Teri emailed this morning:
Time is the most precious gift - thanks to all of you who took the time to call and harass Jerry! Regardless of the response you got (by the end of the day he was getting wacky!), he had so much fun!!!!

SIXTY YEARS AGO on October 9th, Jerry W Clark was born and his wife, Teri (Teri Hill class of '68) wants the whole world to call him, so let's not disappoint!!


Here is Teri's reminder email:

Don't forget to call Jerry on Thursday (tomorrow) Oct 9th and harass him on his 60th birthday. Cathy Palmer from Burbank High School has posted it on the web site and I have monitored the emails that have come in early :-)

The other challenge is knowing what day today is ... like for my brother, Kevin :-)

So figure out when Thursday is and call Jerry - not to worry about cell phone minutes, Teri McComas!!! Just call :-)


Thanks to all who participate - I may never know!!!

Teri Clark

Greg van der Werf

Thanks, Greg, for the great email - good to hear from you!

Hi Cathy - I actually read your blog a couple of days ago. Alan Singer keeps sending me emails with little remembered "facts." He should be one of the class archivists.

Normally I don't go in for this sort of (blog) thing, but, I have to say, you are doing something good! Thanks! The reason is, at this point, it all just seems so overwhelming to me. The sense of loss is immense. Apparently I'm quite sentimental and/or have a delicate psyche, so prefer to "not go there" - - at least not very often.

Last night, for some unknown reason, I didn't sleep well, so I just got up at 2 a m and listened to some music. Pulled out the Ceralbi and took a good look at all three years.

On your blog, I noticed the email from Dan Larson. He was one of the many classmates I knew "of," but probably never talked "to." Maybe my memory is faulty, but I imagine now that he lived just down the street from me on Andover. What impressed me is that it seems EVERYONE who went to BHS is able express themselves so well in written form. That's a real testimony to the teaching.

The manner of expression (the "lingo") is also shared - since it was derived from the same place. So it always strikes a chord, no matter what the content.

Also noticed Dean Hutton's email. Haven't seen or heard from him since '67. I'll share what he wrote in my Ceralbus.

We must have a reunion of the 7-7's. We've been in a lot of classes together and I just want to say it's been great, Greg (?) Well, now that the sarcasm is finished I want to wish you good luck in college. Remember that your "Most Likely to Succeed Award" doesn't guarantee success. Take it from former winners like Benedict Arnold and Lee Harvey Oswald. Good luck & have fun.
Your friend, Dean Hutton

The thought, humor, and attention-to-detail just blew me away.

Well, Cathy, good to share this with you.

If you want to post this email, I guess it's ok.

If you wish, you can post my email address:

Thanks again.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Celebration of Life - Alice Ogle peacefully passed on today

10/9/2008 UPDATE:

Thank you so much for all the wonderful messages; knowing that so many people loved Mom is comforting to Dad. He’s pretty “blubbery” as he calls it but doing well and we’re trying to keep him busy. I just wanted to let everyone know that the service will be at 4:30pm on Sat. at the Morro Bay Presbyterian Church and that there will be an opportunity for those of you that wish to share your memories of Mom and any happy times you shared with her as we celebrate her life.

Thanks, Mary & Nancy
(808) 960-3511

Our deepest condolances and heartfelt prayers go out to Mr. Ogle, the children and their families during this painful time of loss. Mrs. Ogle was a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother and friend to many. Many of us have precious memories of her cheery smile and amazing patience while raising her six children: Mary, Janet, John, Nancy, Vernon and Bobby. How many of us Burbank alumni spent many fun hours at the big brick Ogle home on the corner of Bel Aire and Elmwood? Alice Ogle will be greatly missed.

Bob and Alice Ogle (2006)

Finding the right words is difficult for me at this time but I wanted to let everyone know as soon as possible.

Earlier today Mom, Alice N. Ogle (Mrs. Robert E. Ogle) peacefully passed away at the Driftwood HealthCare Center in Santa Cruz, California .

A celebration of her life will be held at the Morro Bay Presbyterian Church 485 Piney Way, Morro Bay, CA. (805-772-8659)

We are planning the service for this Saturday afternoon October 11th at 4:00pm.

Internment will be at the Los Osos Valley Memorial Park , 2260 Los Osos Valley Road, Los Osos, CA . (805-528-1500)

Nancy & Andre are currently with Daddy and tomorrow I will be flying to California to join them and help with the arrangements.

You may reach us at the following -

Dad - Bob Ogle : Sunshine Villa, 80 Front St. #220 , Santa Cruz , CA 95060; ph 831-466-0566

Nancy Ogle & Andre Dunkell: 416 California Ave., Santa Cruz, CA 95060; ph 831-425-8286;

Mary Ogle: cell 808-960-3511;

Thank you for your thoughts and prayers,


5250 Cherry Creek South Dr. #6-I
Denver, CO 80246
720-255-2157; 808-960-3511

Huntsman World Senior Games

October 10, 2008 UPDATE:
Received this text message today from Shari - CONGRATULATIONS SHARI !!!!

"Did it! Over all winner in Division III winner 55-59. 4 Gold in all 4 events: Hill Climb set new record. TimeTrial on Weds Crit(erium) lapped my dividion n finished w upper w upper div. Fri in Road Race I was the first winner to finish 37k. Next yr I move up to Div II and a new age category. I can't believe I acturally did it."

Talked to Shari Deuel Nicholls today; she's in Utah preparing for her 4 day multi cycling event tomorrow at the Huntsman World Senior Games.

There are 10,000 folks age 50+ particiating in everything from archery, to bridge, to cowboy shoot, to triathlon, to volleyball etc - 24 sports total!

Check it out here: