Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rattlesnake Season

Hey CP: Thought you might like to let our classmates know to be extra careful because it's "Rattlesnake Season." Not only did our dogs find a rattler in our yard today but Joan Nobile Ortega says that her nephew got bitten by a snake today in Ojai and had to be transferred to the hospital with IV's and oxygen! She said he is ok now. Luckily, John was around to take care of our snake! Remember to call the Animal Control to pick it up! They are still dangerous even when they're dead!

Cathy Nicholls Coyle

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream 31 Cents a Scoop


April 29, 2009

5-10 pm

Baskin Robbins Ice Cream

Each Scoop is 31 CENTS!


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Diamonds on the Jerry Mahoney Show 1957

The Diamonds appearing on Circus Time hosted by Paul Winchell & Jerry Mahoney. Airdate: Thursday, June 27, 1957. It begins and ends with commercials... some things just don't change - Enjoy!


Sherri Giessinger Coleman

This is one of the main reasons for this blog - to help folks connect!


Is this Rita Wayman from our class, my old buddy I've wondered about and wanted to get in touch with? Can you send me her email as well, just in case.

You're great and thanks so much,

The Cars We Drove In The 50s & 60s

This is always fun to watch - thanks Chris/Jay Peterson!

Enjoy the cars, music and memories.

Chris Peterson

Alex and Carol (Hordzwick) Nagy

Found Carol on Facebook!

Hi Cathy,

... Love to make the class luncheon not sure I will be able to make it down there. Say Hi to Linda. I think Taryn (our daughter) and Lacey have connected up on facebook. I think I have Linda's old email. Love to get her new one.


Rita Wayman Foster

Found Rita through Facebook and come to find out she lives in Pensacola where I used to live but neither knew it at the time!

Hi Cathy!
Yes I do remember you.
I have been married for 40 years this June. My husband Ron was a pilot in the Navy for 21 years. After he got out of the navy we moved to Pensacola Florida. He is an assistant pastor at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church and has been for 17 years. I raised three boys. One of them and his wife are missionaries in South Africa. The other two live in Denver Colorado. Jim, the missionary has two precious girls. We miss them very much. God has been good to us though.
How are you? What has been happening in your life?
It was good to connect with you. I don't think we will ever be in California again. We were stationed there in San Diego for many years while Ron was in the Navy though.
Take care and keep in touch!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Poster: Burbank/Burroughs Alumni Picnic June 20, 2009


Friday Night, June 19 @ Bob's Toluca Lake

Saturday, June 20 @ Picnic

(NOTE: Since BJ's is not available Saturday night, anyone have any ideas??)

Sunday, June 21 Class '67 Luncheon Party @ Linda (Peterson) and Bob Everett's home:

When: Sunday, June 21, 2009 (pls note, it's also Father's Day)
Time: 11-11:30am until ??
Menu: Salads, Bar-B-Q Hot Dogs, Dips, etc
Where: 963 Ranch House Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361 (map)
Cost: Not much (about $5)
Dress: Totally Casual
Email Linda or Cathy


UPDATE: Just bought my tickets to fly to Burbank (June 19-22) and will be staying with Dona (Foy) & Scott Bruckner!

Lee Drost

Found Lee through Facebook!

Hi Cathy: I haven't kept in touch with hardly any of my friends from high school, however I enjoy reading your blogs and appreciate all the work you have put into this. Thank you and God bless. Eliede (Lee) Drost-Pounds.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Remember Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray?

Thanks Jeanne for the link!


No cue cards, no teleprompters, and no second takes--legendary funnyman Sid Caesar pioneered live television sketch comedy with his 1950s sitcoms Your Show of Shows and Caesar's Hour. In this classic sketch, "Argument to Beethoven's 5th", Sid Caesar and Nanette Fabray play a married couple in a argument with pantomimed action and the dialogue is classic music. Enjoy!

Found John Johnson on Facebook

This weekend, I found a few BHS alumni names on Facebook including John Johnson who wrote:

"I went to the blog and had a wonderful time looking at the pictures and remembering different people. Thank you so much for finding me and requesting me as a friend. I am planning on going to the activities in June (already RSVP'd to Linda)."

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Visit to Los Gatos and Santa Cruz

This weekend before visiting my sister and nieces in Los Gatos, I visited Jeanne Barron Aikman in Los Gatos.

We has a wonderful time driving to Santa Cruz, sang along with a ukulele group, had lunch on the beach and walked on the beach (link).

Blaney is Jeanne's daughter and before leaving, I snapped some photos of Blaney's handmade handbags (link).

4/19/09 UPDATE
Received this nice follow-up email from Jeanne:

Hi Cathy,
What a wonderful time I had with you last night and today.
I'm so glad I was able to take you to Santa Cruz and hear the Ukulele band on the beach. Wasn't that a hoot! Gotta git me one ;0)

This week has been so good for me to just relax and chill. I'm starting to get a few more things checked off my list. Feels good.

I'm sending a couple of photos from the Art Showcase. The first is of Kristy Schaumann and the lovely Chihuly style chandelier. She organized all of my classes. Nearly all of my students blew up at least one balloon and tied it onto the wire framework. They added more as well as the skinny swirly ones on the day the show went up. The show was quite impressive. I'm so proud of how the pedestals turned out too. They really "wowed" everyone, even the students. So grateful to Robert Strini for them.
The second photo is of my family, yea family. Joyce drove my mom up from Burbank and Jan and her husband Danny came from Sunnyvale. They are always so supportive of me especially when it comes time for an art show. They are wonderful.

Also in the picture are two great friends, Chuck and Jodi. Chuck and I were at San Jose State a million years ago. We reconnected 18 years ago for a 50th birthday for Strini. After that he and Jodi attended every art show at Hillbrook where I taught woodshop and ceramics. This is the 2nd art show at Pioneer High and it's been 9 years since I last saw them. It was a joyous surprise.

Looking at these photos makes me realize it's back to work on Monday. I have one more day for coffee and Sudoku on the deck. yum then it's back to the 5am wake up call ... argh!

We are into the final stretch with state testing and Senioritis. Graduation is June 10,2009.

Next stop...the Burbank/Burroughs Picnic in June. Looking forward to that for sure.
Thanks again for popping down this weekend. You are such a treat ;0)
I'll be in touch.

Love you

Friday, April 17, 2009

My Wife is a Great Driver by Dave LeSueur

My Wife Is A Great Driver
Contributed by: David LeSueur on 4/16/2009

All of the major religions have pretty much the same advice for husbands relating to their wives. Those of us who believe in the Bible can find this commandment in Deuteronomy: "Thou shalt not speak poorly of thy wife's horse, nor her cart, neither anything relating to navigating thy way around town, nor anything having to do with how she drives an automobile, lest thou be smitten with a curse."

I learned this early in our marriage. My wife Mary called me at work one day to say she had run out of gas on the freeway. She had pulled over to the shoulder but cars were going past her at 65 miles per hour. After we returned home, I lectured her about the importance of always checking the gas gauge and other indicators on the dashboard. I thought she deserved the scolding.

The next morning - THE VERY NEXT MORNING - I ran out of gas in my car on the way to work! I know I always check my gas gauge so I am sure that this Eternal Law mentioned in Deuteronomy cursed my gas tank overnight. Since then I have been careful not to criticize Mary's driving out loud.

Recently I learned the hard way that this commandment also applies to THINKING ill of her driving skills.

In March we drove to Las Vegas for a long weekend. Since I have MS, Mary does virtually all of the driving. That gives me lots of free time to critique her. On this trip we had to find our way around a strange city and she missed quite a few turns. I was careful not to say anything out loud, but I did think some critical things. Apparently the commandment doesn't allow husbands to even THINK negative thoughts about their wives' driving.

The Mapquest directions for driving home from Las Vegas to Denver are incredibly simple. Once you are on I-15 going north out of Las Vegas there is only one turn in the entire 1000 mile trip to Denver. You go North until you reach the exit for I-70. Then you take I-70 going East to Denver. That's all there is to it. One turn. You can probably guess where this is going. On the drive home, I drove only one hour, and it was the hour that we came to the exit for I-70.

I missed it.

It wasn't my fault of course. I blame it on the United States Congress.

You see, we left Las Vegas (which is in the Pacific Time Zone) the day after the clocks changed. We got a note from Hotel management the night before telling us that the clocks in our bedroom were controlled from the front disk and would be set forward one hour, but that the clock in the microwave would NOT be changed. As we were leaving the hotel, we checked the time. The bedroom clocks said 2 pm (PDT) while the microwave said 1 pm (PST). I decided to change my watch to Mountain Time since that is where we would be at the end of the day, so I changed my watch to 3 pm (MDT).

We got in the car and it said 2 pm (MST). We couldn't change it because we couldn't find a pencil or paper clip to press in the little button on the dashboard. I had calculated when we left that it would take us about 4 hours to reach the I-70 exit. Mary drove for 3 hours then I took over. I tried to try to figure out when we should be reaching I-70. The clock in the car said 6 pm. We left Las Vegas at 2 pm (or was it 1pm?). And that was Pacific Time. The car clock was Mountain Time but I hadn't moved it ahead (or was I supposed to set it back an hour?). So how long had we been driving? My watch said 7 pm, the car said 6 pm. When we left Las Vegas, it was either 1 or 2 pm Pacific Time, so what time was it Mountain Time? I was so busy thinking about this that I didn't notice I had missed the I-70 turnoff.

I felt like I was living in a story problem. (A husband and his wife leave Las Vegas traveling North at 70miles an hour. If it is 280 miles to the turnoff to I-70, how long will it take them to get there? If the husband doesn't notice the exit and travels 35 miles before turning around, how much extra time did he add to their trip? When they stop at a gas station where a 17 year-old boy with pimples is working, should the husband ask him which way I-70 is, or should he make his wife do it? What reassuring things should the wife say to restore her husband's self-esteem?)

But it is Congress' fault that I missed the turn. If they hadn't moved the change to Daylight Savings Time up to early March, I wouldn't have been thinking about the time instead of watching the road signs.

David LeSueur lives in Littleton, Colorado with his wife Mary, one of the best drivers in the world.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Update on Larry Maxam Park Dedication for Memorial Day

The dedication/re-naming of Pacific Park for Larry Maxam (Medal of Honor Recipient) on May 25th at 11am at first sounded like the ceremony would be at Pacific Park but according to Mickey DePalo, it will be held at McCambridge Park.

Thanks Pam for the clarification!


2/6/09 Proposal presented to Burbank City Council


Larry L. Maxam - Wikipedia


"On April 17, 2010, the city of Burbank honored the memory of my cousin, Larry L. Maxam, by naming a park after him. It was a wonderful ceremony where hundreds turned out to pay their respects to this brave Marine. The ceremony was attended by several surviving members from the battle where Larry lost his life. The battle at Cam Lo. Larry is the only Burbank native ever to receive the Medal of Honor."

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Spring Holidays

Passover this year is celebrated April 8-16 and Easter is tomorrow, April 12.

Passover commemorates the Hebrews escape from enslavement in Egypt when the spirit of the Lord passed over their homes.
The word Easter appears once in the King James version of the Bible when Herod put Peter in prison, "intending after Easter to bring him forth to the people" (Acts 12:4). Yet in the original Greek text the word is not Easter, but Pesach, that is Passover (read more). For many, Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ three days after being crucified and for others, it's the Easter Bunny, hidden colored eggs and lots of candy!

However you celebrate, may you have a blessed time with family and friends!

Sonoma Plaza

And Cathy Nicholls Coyle sends this greeting with a cute pic of her pups.

Hi CP:
Hope everyone has a Wonderful Easter!

Judy Collins Singing Amazing Grace from early 70's

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Kings Firecrackers

Received this email today from Pam and Jon Kirkwood (both BHS '64):

"Ya Gotta See These Girls!!! Oh my gosh!!! Jon and I nearly had a heart attack watching these kids...I need some of whatever vitamins there are taking...These girls are something else. Can you imagine if our BHS drill team or song leading squad would have had jump ropes? Enjoy... Pam and Jon"

WOW!!! I've never seen the Kings Firecrakers before and now I'm one of their fans!

2008-2009 Kings Firecrackers

The Kings Firecrackers are a performance jump rope team made up of talented 4th-8th graders from the Kings Local School District in Ohio.

Kings Firecrackers Blog

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Anyone Seen This Burbank Boot?

Found this photo and comment online today. Anyone out there know any more about this traveling boot - lol?

"This driveable car, in the shape of a red hiking boot, has actually caught my eye for several years now. It typically sits outside of Victor’s Shoe Repair on Verdugo Ave. in Burbank, just west of Hollywood Way. In the past several months, the boot has occasionally been parked in front of Milt & Edie’s Drycleaners on the corner of Pass and Alameda, also in Burbank. I’m not sure why this vehicle continues to provide me amusement, but it does. And oh how I’d love to get my hands on the keys and take it for a spin some day!" source

April 20, 2009 UPDATE
I was just looking at your blog...The big red boot is always parked on Verdugo Rd. outside of a Shoe Repair Shop that is located in a strip mall at Verdugo and Hollywood Way...Pretty "eyecatching advertising", huh? Pam

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Pioneer Art Showcase And Auction - April 4, 2009

As an art teacher, Jeanne Barron Aikman has a FULL plate during the school year. This photo is of the work of one of her students. It is of Dale Chilhuly. Who is that you may wonder - I did! Well, I googled his name to discover that he is an artist as well and here is his website - very cool indeed! Thanks Jeanne and great job, Kristy!

Hello Dear Friends

Well, I was unsuccessful in sending you the official flyer for our Art Showcase and Auction so I figure the next best thing is a picture of one of the manikins my student, Kristy made in the likeness of Dale Chilhuly. It's a stitch and will be one of the auction items. I even emailed a photo to Dale and left a voicemail message about it in case he wants to place a bid ;0) Kristy is even coordinating a group project of a Chihuly inspired chandelier for the center of the gallery. Awesome.

The show has had me very busy with around the clock firings etc. Lots to do.
Many of you remember Bob Strini. He is supporting me in the purchase of sonotubes which will be made into pedestals. I'm so excited to have the pieces on display in a more professional way than just tables. His support for me over the years has been phenomenal and I love him dearly for it. Truly helps when budget issues are tense.

As usual, my timing sucks in getting this to you but I'll swallow my pride and with great humility send this along so that if it is possible, you can swing by for a peek.

It is up for one day only this Saturday 1-4 p.m.. There is an admission of $10 as it is a school fundraiser.

If you require more info, please let me know or just check out our school website.
I'm back to being busy.................

Love, Jeanne

Pioneer Art Showcase And Auction
Saturday, April 4, 1:00 - 4:00
In the PAC

go to

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

New Idea for "Boomers" Still Shy of Age 60 sent by Kent Barcus

New Idea for "Boomers" Still Shy of Age 60
Oakland, Calif.

April 1, 2009 -- The lure of Senior Citizen benefits at chain restaurants and discount clothing stores is drawing many of the post-WWII crowd to move their Sixtieth Birthday up a few months to an entire year thanks to a service recently introduced to The Golden State.

Melvin Obama, no relation to the President (for all we know), opened Birthday Advance Centers in several Bay Area cities just before Thanksgiving and reports what he calls "land-office business." "It struck me how much I could save by being 60 instead of 59 last year, but when I looked for anything in the private or public sectors I was shocked and morally outraged that nothing at all was being done. It became my personal duty to step in and meet the need," Mr. Obama explained from his East Bay home.

"For a reasonable fee we provide the interested party a special Birthday Card as well as several forms of identification indicating what we call an 'Advanced Birthday' that qualifies for 60+ perks typically denied to people who are only 59 and under. I'd think someone was crazy who really wanted to be 60 a few years ago, but today 60 is the new 50."

The service comes with a price. Customers sign an agreement to relinquish half their birthday cake and one-third the value of their cards and gifts on the actual sixtieth birthday as designated on their birth certificate or driver license.

"So far the deadbeats haven't been that much a problem. I mean, who would want it made public that he or she was actually an age-cheat?" commented Mr. Obama.

Attention BHS Class '67: PARTEEEE!


We would like to get an idea of who is planning to come to Linda Peterson Everett's home in Westlake Village on Sunday, June 21, the day after the BHS/BURROUGHS Alumni Picnic in Burbank.

Here are the details:

What: BHS Class '67 Luncheon Party
Menu: Salads, Bar-B-Q Hot Dogs, Dips, etc
When: Sunday, June 21, 2009 (pls note, it's also Father's Day)
Dress: Totally Casual
Time: 11-11:30am until ??
Where: 963 Ranch House Road, Westlake Village, CA 91361 (map)
Cost: Not much (about $5)

Your Name:
Spouse/Guest Coming? yes or no
(pick one below)
1. Yes, I'm coming!
2. Maybe.
3. Don't know yet.
4. Not this time.

Email Linda
or Cathy

Thanks so much everyone!! Hope many if not all of you can make it.

Bill Wolleck Checking In

So good to hear from you Bill and thanks for the kind words!


While talking to a classmate recently that I had not seen for 30 years, he told me to check out your blog. I just wanted to tell you what a great job you have done with the blog. It took me one week to go through everything and take that trip down memory lane. Your hard work is much appreciated.

Bill Wolleck