Monday, April 12, 2010

Last Day with the Bruckners & Burbank Nostalgia

Yesterday, Sunday, my gracious hosts and wonderful friends, Scott and Dona Foy Bruckner (BHS '66 & '67) took me to Olvera Street in Los Angeles before dropping me off at the Burbank airport.

We parked at Union Station which is where Scott comes when he takes the train to work. What a cool building!

Across the street is the lively and fun Olvera Street.

We had a delcious Mexican lunch...

... followed by yummy sweet churros!

We then drove around to look at some of the LA architecture

This is where Scott works

He has a great view of the city

Check out the jazzy Walt Disney Concert Hall

Los Angeles City Hall

Los Angeles River

LA Central High School

My mother went to LA High but it sure didn't look like this - lol!

Then we hopped on the freeway to head back to Burbank

Joaquin Miller Elementary School - my alma mater!

The same auditorium building!

Miller's playground

Sara (BHS '67) and Carol (BHS '68) Marino lived across the street from the school

Two doors up lived Johnny Marie Solomon (BHS '68). Dona has reconnected with Johnny who now lives in Arizona.

Jeanne Barron's (BHS '67) former house on the corner of Providencia and Kenneth Road.

My former house on Tujunga near Bel Aire

Amazing house on Ninth and Verdugo

House on Angeleno and Ninth where they gave Hershey candy bars on Halloween which Dona and I both remember. They also had a giant parrot when we were kids.

Two unique houses made of stone on Olive Avenue and Ninth Street

The Nicholls family home on Olive Avenue just below Bel Aire where I enjoyed visiting twins Carol and Cathy

Larry Maxam's house when he was in high school. April 17, 2010 is the Larry Maxam Park Dedication (info)

'The Little Store' - one of the few remaining left in Burbank!

Ralph Waldo Emerson Elementary School - both Scott and Dona went here

Looks the same!

The Emerson playground

John Muir Junior High (now John Muir Middle School)

Burbank High School

Thanks so much Scott and Dona. Good-bye for now... but I will be back!


  1. Great photos! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Sure did!! Never really hung out in downtown LA before so this was a fun adventure for me.

  3. Cathy thank you for the wonderful pictures for those who are unable to be are always having such a great time and its great to see that..Linda Green Nicholson

  4. Thanks Linda... you're my cheerleader!

    Big Hugs to you, my friend.

  5. Wow, this is cool! I went to Emerson with my sister and then John Muir and then Burbank High - lived on Olive between 6th and 7th. The house is gone now, It's apartments but thanks for sharing pics - memories