Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More Parade Pics from Trudie

Here are some great closeups of the BHS/JBHS Alumni Band and Drill Team sent in by Trudie Lombard Hentze ('65), sister of Denny Lombard ('67). Thanks Trudie!

My friend took these photos at the parade last Saturday. #2 - the leader of the band is Bill Kuzma, BHS 65. The solo drummer is Richard Dean, BHS 65. I think you'll see Cathy Coyle. The drill team girl with shoulder length red hair is Joyce Rudolph, BHS 73 and writer for the Burbank Leader. You might know some of the others.


Bob Gaston & Sharon Kuzma

Bill Kuzma ('65)

Richard Dean ('65)

Jennifer Tutterrow Todd ('70)

Linda Lee Durkee Johnson ('59)

Lee Mulkey Bell Passinger ('52) was a cheerleader in school and has marched in every Burbank on Parade since the early 80's. She told me her skirt is the same one from high school - WOW!

Joyce Rudolph ('73)

Cathy Nicholls Coyle ('67)

On left is Vernise "Nisee" Yocum Pelzel ('60) who is sister of Ray Yocum ('66) and on right is Lee Mulkey Bell Passinger ('52)

Cathy (blue hair!) Palmer ('67)

Bev Heinemann (JBHS '59)

Linda Lee Durkee Johnson ('59)

Jennifer Tutterrow

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  1. Thank you, thank you Cathy and Trudi for the Parade photos.....they are great!!!..and for the special get together after the parade..Big hugs, Linda Lee