Sunday, April 11, 2010

Parade Update by Joyce Rudolph

Just received the following email from Linda Lee, Alumni Drill Team organizer, and Joyce Rudolph, Alumni Drill Team Leader (and Burbank Leader News Reporter as well!) followed by more great Parade pics from John and Cathy Nicholls Coyle.

Many thanks to all!!

2010 Alumni Drill Team with New Banner made by Shari Deuel Nicholls (BHS '67)

Hi Linda,
I wrote this story and am sending it to people on my email list. Maybe you would like to send it to the drill team members. Thanks for organizing the girls – we have a great group!



I just got back from a fabulous day in the community.

This morning I was marching with the Burbank Burroughs Alumni Band and Drill Team in Burbank on Parade. Joanne Miller did a terrific job putting the line up together. The band sounded great led by director Bill Kuzma. And former Burbank High School drum major Bob Gaston came all the way from Arizona to help Sharon Kuzma carry the banner. Seems like old times.

It was great to see people along the route as we marched, my neighbors Andy and Lisa Hazelwood, school board members Roberta Reynolds and Debbie Kukta. I was in drill team with Roberta and she was my support system when I tried out for captain.

I saluted former city manager Mary Alvord who was providing commentary aside my favorite vertical blinds consultant Richard Raad. Good job guys, I can't wait to see the finished product on BTV6!

Thanks to everyone along the route who cheered the drill team on. We had several new members and they had trouble sleeping last night, worried they would be laughed at, but they all agreed they are definitely coming back to march next year.

Next Linda Johnson and I went up to the new DeBell Golf Club to meet and greet the parade committee's party. We munched on chips and salsa and garlic toast made famous at Smoke House restaurant. Ummm good.

Then it was back in the car and off to Community Chevrolet to see the George Barris 2010 styled Camaro Spirit. There were two parked in the lot, a beautiful red one that George drove down Olive in Burbank on Parade and the yellow one with purple accents, especially a favorite of Don Baldaseroni, public relations rep for the Road Kings. What could be better than a car painted in Road Kings purple.

We didn't get a chat with him because he was only there for 5 minutes, but Jay Leno drove into the dealership parking lot in an open air truck. I don't know the year or model, but I will get that in time for my story in Wednesday's Leader.

George Barris was having a blast posing for pictures with all the pinup girls who showed off their smiles and figures in skin tight and very revealing outfits. I never saw so many men smile like I did today. George was very sweet and saw me standing forlornly a few feet away and pulled me in to have our picture taken, sans pinup girls. I felt very honored. He's a very charming man. And he gave me a nice interview, please check it out in Wednesday's paper.

All in all it was a fabulous day and I can't wait until next year.


Yes Joyce...... we do have a great group!...was the time and effort worth it?......ABSOLUTELY!!.....
.......I thank you all for making my day, so to speak......and a special thank you to Shari for the great banner!..... Hugs, Linda Lee


Donnine Storey Moeller, Vicki Peters Stigile, Kathleen Dupree and Cathy Nicholls Coyle - all BHS '67

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