Sunday, August 22, 2010

1958 Miss Aikin 3rd/4th Grade at Horace Mann

Many thanks to Teri Hill Clark (BHS '68) who posted on Facebook this class photo of Miss Aiken's 3rd/4th combination class at Horace Mann Elementary School.!/photo.php?pid=1485891&id=1418649242&ref=fbx_album

Some of the names are Debbie Nylander, Diane Riss, Dave LeSueur, Carole Freeman, Scott Poland, Teri Hill, Nancy Frisch, Bruce Bearma sp?, Lance Clenard, John Todora, Janny Wahler, one of the O'Dea twins and ?? Can you help?

MAY 19, 2013 UPDATE

Received this email today...

Hi Cathy,

I was googling for an image of Horace Mann Elementary School to put on my Facebook timeline, and what is the very first search result? A "3rd" grade class photo including me, in Miss Aikins class. Since you are looking for unknown students' names, I thought I would ID myself. My name, then, was Carlyn Patton, and I am sitting in the front row, the 4th girl from the right, plaid dress with the white top section.

What a fun surprise!


Carlyn Patton Miller
Templeton, CA

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