Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ventura ~ San Diego Ride with Shari

Found these great pics of Shari Deuel Nicholls (BHS '67) and friends who went on a 2 day bike ride:
Day 1 ~ Ventura to Corona del Mar ~ 115 mi
Day 2 ~ Corona del Mar to San Diego ~ 83 mi


August 5, 2010 ADDENDUM

Hi Cathy
Thanks for posting. Thats the ride I do about once a month. The tall guy is Kevin. We met him that afternoon when we stopped in a local Newport Beach bike shop. A funny thing happened! I walked into this bike shop and this handsome man(not the one in the pic) was walking towards me. Probably going to ask me if I needed help. Well, I recognized him! He was 1 of the 2 riders I crewed for on Race Across America-3 yrs ago! He knew me but couldn't remember where from. It was a great "reunion". Now I'm going to crew for him as he rides a 508mi race! Starts in Valencia, Palmdale, California City, Death Valley, that little place wwest of Vegas and ends in 29Palms. Now that's crazy!! On the bike ride to SD, I carry by lil camelbak, taking the bladder out. I rolled up that little black dress, belt, travel size flat-iron and my flipflops are strapped to the outside. Even can get makeup and toothbrush in. I use the flatiron bag for a purse! That was the 1st time I'd seen Tanya in askirt! We went out with Madelaine Zelaney Whiteman that evening. Had some great laughs and fun time!
I did a lil over 500 miles in those 8 days.
It looks like Florida is agreeing with you! Beautiful pics! Keep them coming!

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