Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Police Athetic League (PAL) Baseball Team 1957-58

Just received a couple of great pics from the past... Thanks Cathy!!

And is that Benton White '67 top row 3rd from right?

Hi Guys: I was looking through some old photos of John's and came across these two. They were taken of the Police Athletic League (PAL) Baseball Team, Circa 1957-'58. I can name some of the guys on the team:

Coaches: Don Sobiech & Jack Coyle
John Coyle -'65
John's uncle, Jim Whitney
Ron Panich - '67
Larry Hoberman - '67
Greg Morrison - '65
Randy Boeing - '66
Kirk Grant - '65

The second photo is of the PAL baseball team members swimming at Pick Wick; same year.

Just thought it was of interest to your blogs.

Your fellow Bulldog,
Cathy Coyle


  1. Alan Singer8/25/10, 3:25 PM


    It does look like Benton White in the top row of the photo. He lived across the street from me on Amherst Drive when we were growing up.

  2. Hey Alan, I just found Benton on Facebook. Are you in touch with him?

  3. Cathy, I haven't been in contact with Benton since high school. Wonder how he's doing?

  4. Carol Nicholls Lebrecht8/28/10, 12:53 AM

    Alan, I just looked Benton White up on Facebook. He is the Benton White that doesn't have a profile picture yet.