Saturday, August 28, 2010

1963 Essay Winners

L-R: Lee Drost (2nd place), Bev Bullock (1st place) and Don Ray (3rd place) won the John Muir Fire Prevention Essay Contest back in 1963 when we were in 9th grade.

Don wanted to relive the moment when he and Bev met up our 40th reunion!

Don says, "Strange. I got fat and ugly, she grew even more beautiful than she was back then."

PS Annette Dinolfo Bennett (BHS'69) is in the background of the 2007 pic!


  1. Actually, we were in the 8th grade. I was in Mr. Resnick's English class. Nobody told me I had won. On the day of the Awards Assembly (I'd always dreamed of being on the stage with all the "brainy" and "with it" kids), Mr. Resnick told me that I had to attend both assemblies. During the first one, I sat in my assigned seat and was surprised when they announced me as the third-place winner. I walked down the aisle and had to climb up on the stage to accept it. I didn't know where to go, so I walked offstage and stayed there until the second assembly. When they called my name, I walked onstage from the side and accepted it -- then walked backstage again.
    Afterwards, Miss Wolf (was that her name?) yelled at me and said, "Don Ripley! Why weren't you in your assigned seat on the stage?"
    Damn! I had one chance and I blew it!

  2. So Don, what did you write about? any memory of that??