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Bicentennial Meeting at BHS on Oct. 17, 2007

Thanks so much Cathy for going to the meeting and sending us a great report along with wonderful photos. It will be a fun time as we will also have a class breakfast at Joan and Fred Ortega's!

Hi Cathy:

Just wanted to give you a run down on the BHS Centennial Meeting we attended at the new BHS Library last week. The meeting opened with a few members of the Choir singing our Alma Mater. I'm sure every one of the alumnus in the room were singing along with them. I know I was. Distinguished alumni in attendance were: Dale Kristien, who played Christine in "Phantom of the Opera" and Enjolras in "Les Miserables" and a Class of 1925 graduate who is now 100 years old!

We met with David Thompson, (a History teacher), that is spearheading the entire organization of the Centennial Celebration.

Dave told us he recognized us from viewing your blog! He said that you have been a wonderful help to him and was very thankful that you had sent in your Bob's Car Hop hat because there were so many alumni that had mentioned going to Bob's as part of their high school years. He is going to do a special section on Bob's and was asking for any Bob's Big Boy memorabilia that alumni would like to donate to the school.

Fred Cook, who was one of the football coaches when my son, Travis, was attending BHS (1987-1990), is now the Athletic Director and was modeling the T-shirt ($10) and cap ($20) that they are selling to promote the affair. They will also be selling other merchandise later on.

Linda Mustion was there and introduced me to a fellow 1967 alumni, Judy Shalhoub.

Judy is now the Culinary Arts Instructor (we used to call it "Foods".) Her students made lots of yummy cookies! She has been teaching at BHS for the past 8 years and told us that there are 10 other teachers there that are alumni of BHS!

I took photos of the new BHS library. Wow! If the library looked like that during our high school years I would have actually used it! I can't even remember going into the school library. I guess I always just went to the Burbank Central Library.

Annette Dinolfo Bennett from the Class of '68 was there. She told us that she keeps in touch regularly with the Holst twins. They are both living within a mile of each other in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania . I got a chance to speak to Bob on the phone and he just sounds great! He is retired now and enjoys: snow skiing and working on the computer. He says he has viewed the photos of the Reunion on your blog and that we all look great! He says that he will be emailing you soon.

10/29/07 UPDATE: Bob Holst sent Carol and Cathy Nicholls this photo taken in 2005 at Seven Springs Lodge in Pittsburgh, PA - HI BOB!

The plans for the upcoming Centennial sound really fun. They will be holding a Re-dedication of the War Memorial Plaque in May, 2008. In September, they will be conducting tours of the new BHS; holding a parade; Bar B Que's and Class Reunions. They will have displays of: BHS history; Memorabilia; Distinguished Alumni; and the Athletic Hall of Fame. They will be remounting our old "PRIDE" sign and will be duplicating the BHS Centennial on one of the new Basketball courts (they now have 2 courts!) They will also be hanging old CIF Championship banners.

They are hoping that they can get a lot of help so that they can make this Centennial a great success! Not to mention the wonderful website that they are setting up where you can find out anything you want to know about the upcoming event... And, in the future, you will be able to find out all kinds of information on upcoming Alumni Reunions!

At the end of the meeting they invited us to sign up for a Committee. I signed up for the Memorabilia Committee as I have my Uncle's old band cape that I am going to donate. He graduated from BHS in 1940.

His name, Thomas Hunter, is one of the names listed on the War Memorial Plaque. He was a pilot for the RAF and was killed during a mission flying over Hong Kong during World War II. My Uncle Tommy was drafted. My Grandma went to the draft board and told them that he was her sole support as her husband was ill. Tommy did not want to be left behind. All his friends were going in and he wanted to serve, so he joined the British Royal Air Force.

Your friend, Cathy

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