Sunday, October 28, 2007

Henny Porter

Below are more photos from the California fires some of which were sent in by Henny. We continue to pray for protection and safety.

Hi Cathy,

Thought you might like to share these pics of the fires in California. The photography is incredible.

Henny Porter Golnick

Dear God,
Please keep them safe.
Please keep their homes, pets, and families safe.
Please convince people that no house is worth their lives, and that they need to evacuate when asked.
Please keep people off their cell phones so the firefighters can use the lines.
God, please let them all be okay.

California wildfire overall statistics:
_Acreage: 505,279.
_Homes destroyed: 1,790.
_Deaths: Seven directly due to fire
_Injuries: 71 firefighters, 27 civilians.
_Evacuees: 4,403 people in 28 shelters.
_Firefighting cost: $9 million.

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