Friday, October 26, 2007

Fire Update

We are thankful to the Lord and taking a huge sigh of relief to hear that Cathy Nicholls Coyle and her family made it safely through the fires in southern California. Below is her email along with her daughter-in-law's email with photos.

Email from Cathy...

Hi Cathy:

We fared well during the Buckweed; Magic and Ranch Fires. Travis and his family spent two nights at our house because the flames came too close to their home and trailer (as you can see in the photos.)

Thanks for your prayers. I truly believe it helped!


P.S. My son, Travis, Melissa and our two grandchildren live in Castaic. Their fire was called the Ranch Fire. The fires located on either side of us were: The Magic Fire (located by Magic Mountain) and the Buckweed Fire (originating in Agua Dulce).

Email from Cathy's daughter-in-law...

I thought I would share some of the photos I took from the Ranch and Magic fires by my house over the past week. It was CRAZY!

This is what the Buckweed Fire looked like from the back of my house on Monday morning.....EEEEEK!!

This is looking at the Ranch Fire toward Hasley Canyon.... If you look closely, you can see the flames and the burned areas.

This is the Magic Fire... We were informed by the Sheriff to come and get our trailer from the Travel Village where it is stored... and this is what we got to see when we were picking up the trailer... TOO CLOSE!!!

We thank God for all the hard working fire fighters who saved our home and those of our friends and neighbors.

Melissa Coyle

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