Monday, October 1, 2007

Donna Luce Reunion Photos

Thanks for all the pics Donna - you got some great shots! Happy Trails!

Cathy Nicholls, Donna Luce and Joan Nobile

Joan (Nobile) and Fred Ortega

Cathy (Nicholls) and John Coyle

Kay Rodenberg and Elaine Morton

Joan Ely and Ron Panich

Ron and Joan (Lundigan) Panich, Chris Morris and John Peterson

Joan Nobile, Jay Todd and Scott Bruckner

Freddy Ortega and John Coyle

Patty Hardinghaus, Dona Foy and Marilyn Williams

Donna Luce and Jim Grasse

Anson Heimlick (Williams - you know, Potsie) and Flora Angel

Donna Luce and Mary Brotsis

Don Ray, Neal Hershenson, Ron and Karen (Lundigan) Panich

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  1. Donna great pictures wish I could have made the reunion...Terry Minor MacArthur thank you for doing all of the pictures and work you all do for the class of 67