Sunday, October 11, 2009

Marion Kehl-Grant BHS '67

Recently found another friendly face on Facebook that was in our class of '67! However, I could not find her photo in any of our yearbooks, so when I asked Marion about it, she sent this reply:

Hi Cathy,
Yes, sadly I noticed that, too. I did not go to BHS all three years. I originally came from Germany in 1963.

Started in 9th Grade at Toll Jr. High in Glendale, then to Hoover HS. Shortly after that we moved and I attended Glendale High. Only went to BHS half my junior and my senior year and then graduated from BHS.

I did work on the paper and yearbook for a couple of classes. So there might be some pic on there, but I guess not. My senior pic is not in there, because my Dad (he's a whole other story) decided I didn't need that.

Even though I don't remember a lot of people from then, I do appreciate you including me with your newsletters and updates. I look forward to it, but am not really able to contribute too much.

Thank you so much for all your effort on this work. You are doing a fantastic job. I like where you live - very pretty. I live in Tucson, AZ right now, and we will probably retire here. So...even though there are no pics in the yearbooks, I did actually graduate from there. I guess my closer friends during that time were Patricia Durrer and Ramona Candelaria. Thanks for everything and I will keep reading your wonderful newsletters.


Marion and Patricia Durrer - 1967

Marion with husband Henry - 2009

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