Monday, October 26, 2009

Rick Polikowski BHS '66

I am very sorry but Rick passed away this past June...


Received the following email today.

Thanks, Rick! Great to hear from you.


I can't believe the website you created! I am the guy in the photo of the ko's! I still have that photo, and I find it amazing that you found it. I will never forget the night that Bobbie Grumbly approached me at Bob's Big Boy in Toluca lake and told me that I was their choice to be their mascot. It probably didn't hurt that Diane Rupprecht was my girlfriend, but what the hell!

Anyway, it is so nice that there are people like you that will take the time and effort to create and save our memories.

Rick Polikowski

Found this cool 1977 pic of Rick

Rick is a Hollywood propmaker - click here to see his movies.

And click here to see the K.O.s photo!

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