Monday, October 5, 2009

Scott Nave

Got an email from Scott Nave '67, so asked him what's he been up to the last 40 years or so - lol! And here's his reply - thanks so much, Scott, for the update and great Emerson pic!


Good to hear back from you. A brief update on the last 40 years, . . wow?! After BHS '67, graduated from San Diego State in '71 and USC Business School in '73. I've worked in Human Resources for the past 36 years in various industries; Banking, Theme Park (HR Mgr at Magic Mountain), Motion Picture, and now Engineering locally in Monrovia with WorleyParsons.

I've been married for 28 years [Marsha] (not to compare with Dave /Dawn Horrigan @ 40 !!) with one grown, married daughter [Jan]. Living back in Burbank after many years in Pasadena. Planning on retirement down the road a bit to the Central Coast (Avila Beach) where we have a home.



P.S. Enclosed is a photo I ran across that my Dad took 48 years ago on promotion day at Emerson School. Some familiar names and faces here. . . . . .

Emerson School Class of 1961
Front: Mike Burke, Ken Powers, Pat Fligg, Steve Nogarr, Paul Munch
Middle: Dean Hutton, Duane Snapp, Scott Nave, Richard Woodward, Dennis Sandberg
Back: Alex Nagy, Paul Bentley, Vince Goddard

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