Thursday, January 21, 2010

'67 Ceralbus Sold on Ebay

Yesterday, Pam Kirkwood '64 was informed by another alumni that a 1967 Ceralbus was for sale on Ebay, so we passed the word and John Rock was the winner. Good catch, John!

John first replied with this:

...thanks, Cathy. I lost all my Ceralbus books for the years of high school, and being able to obtain one is really neat.

God Bless,


Then I asked if he did get it and just received this:

...yes! I bought the Ceralbus. Thank you so much, this means a great deal to me.

Now, I have to watch ebay for 65 & 66!!!

Stay well, and thank you for all the great work, and effort you put into the 67BHS website, etc.

I will be retiring soon, so I'll let you know the details in the next few months. It seems weird to think of the word "retirement." I feel like we're still back in high school. Time has flown.

I wanted to see you and others on Apr 10, but it looks like I will be in Costa Rica during that time, bird watching. So, I'll make the next get-together.

Thank you again for the info regarding the Ceralbus. It made my day.

God Bless,


Btw, CLICK HERE to see other Burbank High goodies on Ebay!

And the fellow who owned the Ceralbus (not the seller) was Rich Tomei, class of '68 (photo).

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