Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Renee McCall 1931-2005

From the 1966 BHS Ceralbus yearbook

Received this email from Alan Landros '70 today which gives us belated news of the passing of Mrs. McCall who was in charge of the Drill Team while I was at Burbank High. Thanks Alan.


I talked to Dr. Carol LeBlanc tonight. One thing she told me was that Mrs. Renee McCall died on May 21, 2005, in Sea Shells, British Columbia, where she and her husband had lived since retiring. (Mr. McCall passed away 16 months earlier.) Mrs. McCall was born July 27, 1931, so she was 73 when she passed away. Was she the Drill Team teacher while you were at BHS? She was all three years we were there from '67 to '70. Maybe you've heard this already.


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