Friday, January 8, 2010

Do You Remember the Red Cars?

Maybe... So in 1911, the same year the City of Burbank incorporated, the Pacific Electric Railroad ‘Red Car’ began its Burbank to Los Angeles route using the motto, "Burbank – Just 45 minutes from Broadway" --- Broadway in Los Angeles, that is!

1956 Glenoaks and Orange Grove

Toluca Lake 1955

The Last Day with the Mayor of Glendale in 1956

January 9, 2010 UPDATE

Guess you can still ride 'em in San Pedro and here's a short clip of a replica.


Another vid...



  1. Wow. Do "I" remember these cars. Yipes. We used to head out to Glendale and L.A., all the time when we were kids. It took about 45 minutes from Burbank to Downtown L.A. It was great.

    The cars I rode on were like the one in this link.

    I miss those days.

  2. Cool!! That reminds me... I'm going to add a video clip of a replica train.