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The Beach Boys in Burbank

What a GREAT day!

It all began with a question about the date the Beach Boys performed at the Olive Rec Center and referencing the write up in the BHS Centennial book (pg 94) that Wes Clark posted

Burbank Girl Inspires Beach Boys Song "Be True to Your School"

From the Burbank High School The Blue and White Wave High (2008)

As a child growing up in Burbank, Jodi Gable (Class of 1965) fondly remembers the grape arbors that filled the hillside above her house and describes her life as living in 'a Norman Rockwell painting'. When Jodi was 13 she met the Beach Boys at an Olive Rec Center dance and was amazed at their sound. After talking with them they asked her to head up their fan club. After her parents met the Wilsons (parents of Brian, Dennis and Carl), Jodi began hanging out with the boys, who treated her like a sister, and building fan support.

"I loved BHS and couldn't wait to get to school each day," she recalls. "I called Dr. Leland, 'Unc,' and I had teachers who really seemed to care." Jodi was an active member of the Drill Team, and her loyalty to BHS became the genesis of one of their hits. Jodi recalls, "Brian Wilson was a genius and could come up with lyrics on the spot. We were eating chili fries one day at an A&W in Hawthorne and he penned, 'Fun, Fun, Fun.'" Jodi was driving the guys crazy with her drill team stories and Wilson came up with 'Be True to your School' (which coincidently contains part of 'On Wisconsin' Burbank's fight song). On her 16th birthday, the Beach Boys threw a party and performed in her back yard.

By the end of her junior year the band's popularity meant greater demands on her time. Jodi left BHS and finished at Hollywood Professional School in order to work for the Beach Boys full time. At the time she was dating Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones and was in the middle of the exploding 1960's music scene. Eventually Jodi hired some of her classmates to join her staff and to help answer fan mail. She stayed with the band until she was twenty, and then went on to her own singing career.

Jodi resides in Oregon with her husband, but has stayed connected to her classmates and has always remained true to her school.

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Here are a couple of great pics Jodi just sent:

The Beach Boys first played in Burbank at the Olive Rec where I met them in Dec. 30, 1961. The pictures of me with them at Pickwick was taken in 1963 and appeared in Billboard and Cashbox that year. Hope this helps clear it all up?

The one of me alone was taken on my 17th birthday.


Thanks so much, Jodi!

By the way, Jodi went to
Hollywood Professional School in her Senior Year, but she always had allegiance to BHS.

And below is a photo from Wes Clark's website of the Olive Recreation Center when first constructed.

Pam Kirkwood was first to reply to the question:

Jodi is actually the same age that Jon and I are (63 years old), eventhough she was class of '65...Jon used to live across the street from Emily Mazuran on Keystone. Em and Jodi hung out together. He used to see one of the BB's drop Jodi off at Em's from time to time and they were around the neighborhood.

Jon's sister Shelly, BHS '62 saw the BB's at Glendale College, so that had to be in '62 or '63...
They DID perform at the NBC Studios in '64 http://members.tripod.com/~fun_fun_fun/4-14-64.html

NBC Television Studios, Burbank, CA
March 14, 1964

Promoters put together a mega-concert with the hottest stars of the day : the Beatles, Lesley Gore and the Beach Boys. The performances were taped live and aired on closed circuit. Douglas James notes that "Monster Mash" was also performed, but not included in the released video. It is unknown where the song was placed in the setlist.

Archive update: Keith Badman's "The Beach Boys" lists this show as performed on March 14, not April 14, as originally thought. The book also places "Monster Mash" after "Surfer Girl" in the setlist.

Beach Boys present:
Mike Love
Dennis Wilson
Al Jardine
Brian Wilson
Carl Wilson

Backup band included:
No backup band
1. Fun, Fun, Fun
2. Long Tall Texan
3. Little Deuce Coupe
4. Surfer Girl
5. Monster Mash
6. Surfin' USA
7. Shut Down
8. In My Room
9. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
10. Hawaii

Contributed by: STE, additional info Douglas James, setlist, venue & date correction Keith Badman's "The Beach Boys"

and also at the Pickwick Recreation Center http://losangeleshistorian.com/2009/06/25/beachboyslandmarkpickwick/

Beach Boys Historical Landmark – Pickwick Recreation Center (Burbank)

Address: 921 – 1001 Riverside Drive. Burbank, CA 91506

but, it doesn't give a date...but, I found this concert listed in a different place and it said '62...Maybe they played at Pickwick and NOT Olive Rec... http://cgi.ebay.com/BEACH-BOYS-62-Concert-Handbill-+-Earliest-Known-Ticket_W0QQitemZ350308523770QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20100124?IMSfp=TL100124009003r31175

PS Did you read where ALL of the Cartwright from Bonnanza are gone now? Pernell Roberts passed away at 81...

Then Dan Crane II wrote and sent this great pic which he said we could post:


I wasn't able to find a date of when they were at Olive Rec, but I found this pic of "The Surfers" in 1963 from My grandmothers photo album (Sherry J Watts as Ms. Teen Burbank)


And here's Sherry's senior photo from the 1965 Ceralbus:

And below are a few Beach Boys videos for your enjoyment!

Thought lost for thirty-five years, this rare concert brings you the Beach Boys at the peak of their performing talents. Early in 1964, promoters put together a mega-concert with the hottest stars of the day: the Beatles, Lesley Gore and the Beach Boys. The performances were taped live and aired on closed circuit. The Beach Boys' portion of the show was lost until 1998.

· Fun Fun Fun (1/3)
· Long Tall Texan (1/3)
· Little Deuce Coupe (1/3)
· Surfer Girl (2/3)
· Surfin' USA (2/3)
· Shut Down (2/3)
· In My Room (3/3)
· Papa Oom-Mow-Mow (3/3)
· Hawaii (3/3)

Listen to the song, "Be True to Your School"


Stay tuned for further update and please email any info you may have!

January 27, 2010 UPDATE

Jodi emailed today and included a couple of FAB pics - thanks again, Jodi!!

Hey Cathy,

Just also wanted you to know that the "Lost Concert" of the Beach Boys I am there in the audience with Marilyn Rovell Wilson. She had just started dating Brian when this was made and they hadn't yet married. They get quite a few shots of us in the video. None of the songs you have up though. Just so you know.


This was my very first date. I was 13 yrs old. Dennis Wilson took me to The 7-Seas in Hollywood. This place had a live Tahitian Dancers dance as we ate. I was so scared I didn't eat at all! Denny use to tell people years later that I was one of his first girlfriends. Probably not but cute that he would say that........

My daughter Mackenzie. She is an actress and here's a picture of her at Sundance film festival. She has a movie in it this year.


  1. Cathy - thanks for the great Beach Boys posting.
    I love it!

  2. Hello Jodi, Pam & Dan -- I am writing a book about the early days of the Beach Boys before the fame and would very much like to interview you for your thoughts and recollections. Please email me at: bfinkmurphy@yahoo.com. Thanks for the great posts and I look forward to hearing from you. All the best -- Jim Murphy

    1. UPDATE: Hi Jodi and Dan - Please contact me if you would like your Beach Boys' photos (fully credited and acknowledged)to appear in a definitive book about their early days to be published later this year bfinkmurphy@yahoo.com) I'll provide you with specific detailed information about the book. Thanks! Jim Murphy

  3. Hey Dan, want to ask you a question so if you see this please email me at cathyjpalmer@yahoo.com