Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mrs. Jones' 1953 Kindergarten Class at Washington Elementary in Burbank

If they continued as planned, these cute little children would have graduated from BHS in 1965.

Do you recognize anyone??

Found this photo here.

1/8/10 Note From Alan Landros '70: "Mrs. Jones taught kindergarten later for many years at Thomas Jefferson in Burbank. She loved to travel, and a number of years after retirement, she died while on an African Safari. I just used your SS death index website link, (since I remember her name was Bliss Jones, even though she wasn't my teacher!), and there are three Bliss Jones. The one that fits the best was born October 6, 1899, and died February 15, 1973, and would have been 73 years old. It says her last residence was in Lund, Nevada."

January 8, 2010 UPDATE

Found a few more Washington class photos from 1960-1962:


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