Monday, December 14, 2009

BHS 1970's Classless Reunion Dec 26!

Wes Clark posted this on my Facebook wall:

I know this is 70's and you're 60's, but what the heck? You're Burbank. Maybe somebody from a 70's class will see it!

What: 1970's Classless Reunion.

Where: DeBell Golf Course Clubhouse in Burbank.

When: Sat. Dec 26 3:00-6:00.

Details: $10 at the door to cover appetizers-No Host Bar.

Dinner to follow with your favorite faces at your favorite places.

Late night rendezvous and pool tourney at Tony's Darts Away Dive on Magnolia near Reese.

Any who care to play the 3 par at DuBell at 1:00 contact Nolan Day (

JB Alumni please RSVP to Nolan. BHS Alumni (did any graduate?)

RSVP to Dave Carletta ( so we can have the correct number of staff at the clubhouse.

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