Friday, December 18, 2009

Tinsel Town

They say Hollywood is Tinsel Town but growing up during the 50's & 60's in Burbank (or most anywhere in the usa) TINSEL was very much apart of our Christmas tree.

Today, our favorite Burbank historian, Wes Clark '74 (no, he's not 74 years old, he graduated in 1974) posted a link on Facebook to a few of his holiday photos from 1960 along with some of his funny memories - here's the link and here's one photo:

Look at all that tinsel! Is there a tree under there??

Here's my tree from the 1950's in our living room with me in the middle and Linda and Teresa Young. They and their sister, Joyce, lived across the street on Tujunga Avenue until they moved to Olive Avenue and then across town near Mingay elementary school. Lots of fun memories playing with them over the years.

Tinsel side note: Do you remember when your dog or cat ate some tinsel which made for a strange site upon exiting their body??

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  1. Mike McDaniel suggests that this looks like the interior of the Olive Rec Center. Perhaps that's where the LERC put that year's Santa...