Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Having Fun at Sixty-One!

Okay, so today is my birthday - whoo-hoo! And after work, I'll celebrate with friends, but on Facebook, I'm getting many wonderful greetings and such. Since my new motto is 'Having fun at sixty-one', below is a funny photo from our pal, Wes Clark from his website.

Wes wrote: "Tennessee Ernie Ford regards a golf ball at the opening of DeBell Golf Course in Burbank, 1959. Many more coming!"

Actually, my dad played golf at DeBell all the time and then EVERY DAY after he retired. Over the years, he had at least 2 holes in one. Once on the day my older sister, Susie was born, in 1940, and then another when I was around 8 years old. He would get prizes and all I remember was eating Wheaties cereal , 'the breakfast of champions', for MONTHS!

Occassionally, I would go with dad to hit golf balls. On the course, they called him 'Arnie' and at work (he was a grip at Paramount Studios), they called him 'Teach'. Our garage was full of golf balls that he found up at the course and after he died in 1976, my mother donated them to Burbank High. My mother passed away in 1977.

Thanks for going with me down memory lane...

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