Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Emerson Kindergarden 1955 with Mrs. Perry

Dona (Foy) Bruckner sent this today:

Hello Cathy,

While looking through old pictures I found the picture from Emerson. I only went to Emerson for K and 6th grade!

Have a great day.

Thanks Dona! I recognize a few faces but not many. Soooo cute!

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  1. Thank You Dona, many years later after your posting. I attended Emerson from K thru 5th Grade. I'm in the second row from the top, three over from the right in the stripped shirt. My best friend & neighbor was Peggy Taylor. She sits in the front row with the big smile and blonde hair. Thank You for the photo, I just sent a copy to my Daughter who lives' in Valencia.
    Tony Rocco