Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Burbank's Golden Mall in 1973

As promised, here are more Burbank photos from Wes Clark (link).

Are any of these shops still there? And I guess there's no mall but a street again? Haven't been to Burbank's downtown in many years.

Thanks Wes for the time travel!!

12/23/09 UPDATE

Wes Clark wrote:
You asked if any of the Golden Mall businesses are still in operation on San Fernando Road. Mike's answer: "As far as I can see no - most have changed or closed or been torn down with the exception of Kesslers Jewlers. They still have the same store front and interior. The used book store is the same even the owner but... it has moved to a smaller store front." Yes... Kessler's - still the same 1967 store front. It's weird!

Thanks Wes and Mike!!

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  1. Yes, San Fernando Road has been opened to vehicular traffic once again. That happened in 1989. Guess it's been a while for you, huh? :)

    Are any of the stores still there from the Golden Mall days? I doubt it, but I don't know. But I know who does know, and I'll ask him.