Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Beach Boys in Burbank

What a GREAT day!

It all began with a question about the date the Beach Boys performed at the Olive Rec Center and referencing the write up in the BHS Centennial book (pg 94) that Wes Clark posted

Burbank Girl Inspires Beach Boys Song "Be True to Your School"

From the Burbank High School The Blue and White Wave High (2008)

As a child growing up in Burbank, Jodi Gable (Class of 1965) fondly remembers the grape arbors that filled the hillside above her house and describes her life as living in 'a Norman Rockwell painting'. When Jodi was 13 she met the Beach Boys at an Olive Rec Center dance and was amazed at their sound. After talking with them they asked her to head up their fan club. After her parents met the Wilsons (parents of Brian, Dennis and Carl), Jodi began hanging out with the boys, who treated her like a sister, and building fan support.

"I loved BHS and couldn't wait to get to school each day," she recalls. "I called Dr. Leland, 'Unc,' and I had teachers who really seemed to care." Jodi was an active member of the Drill Team, and her loyalty to BHS became the genesis of one of their hits. Jodi recalls, "Brian Wilson was a genius and could come up with lyrics on the spot. We were eating chili fries one day at an A&W in Hawthorne and he penned, 'Fun, Fun, Fun.'" Jodi was driving the guys crazy with her drill team stories and Wilson came up with 'Be True to your School' (which coincidently contains part of 'On Wisconsin' Burbank's fight song). On her 16th birthday, the Beach Boys threw a party and performed in her back yard.

By the end of her junior year the band's popularity meant greater demands on her time. Jodi left BHS and finished at Hollywood Professional School in order to work for the Beach Boys full time. At the time she was dating Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones and was in the middle of the exploding 1960's music scene. Eventually Jodi hired some of her classmates to join her staff and to help answer fan mail. She stayed with the band until she was twenty, and then went on to her own singing career.

Jodi resides in Oregon with her husband, but has stayed connected to her classmates and has always remained true to her school.

--- end ---

Here are a couple of great pics Jodi just sent:

The Beach Boys first played in Burbank at the Olive Rec where I met them in Dec. 30, 1961. The pictures of me with them at Pickwick was taken in 1963 and appeared in Billboard and Cashbox that year. Hope this helps clear it all up?

The one of me alone was taken on my 17th birthday.


Thanks so much, Jodi!

By the way, Jodi went to
Hollywood Professional School in her Senior Year, but she always had allegiance to BHS.

And below is a photo from Wes Clark's website of the Olive Recreation Center when first constructed.

Pam Kirkwood was first to reply to the question:

Jodi is actually the same age that Jon and I are (63 years old), eventhough she was class of '65...Jon used to live across the street from Emily Mazuran on Keystone. Em and Jodi hung out together. He used to see one of the BB's drop Jodi off at Em's from time to time and they were around the neighborhood.

Jon's sister Shelly, BHS '62 saw the BB's at Glendale College, so that had to be in '62 or '63...
They DID perform at the NBC Studios in '64 http://members.tripod.com/~fun_fun_fun/4-14-64.html

NBC Television Studios, Burbank, CA
March 14, 1964

Promoters put together a mega-concert with the hottest stars of the day : the Beatles, Lesley Gore and the Beach Boys. The performances were taped live and aired on closed circuit. Douglas James notes that "Monster Mash" was also performed, but not included in the released video. It is unknown where the song was placed in the setlist.

Archive update: Keith Badman's "The Beach Boys" lists this show as performed on March 14, not April 14, as originally thought. The book also places "Monster Mash" after "Surfer Girl" in the setlist.

Beach Boys present:
Mike Love
Dennis Wilson
Al Jardine
Brian Wilson
Carl Wilson

Backup band included:
No backup band
1. Fun, Fun, Fun
2. Long Tall Texan
3. Little Deuce Coupe
4. Surfer Girl
5. Monster Mash
6. Surfin' USA
7. Shut Down
8. In My Room
9. Papa-Oom-Mow-Mow
10. Hawaii

Contributed by: STE, additional info Douglas James, setlist, venue & date correction Keith Badman's "The Beach Boys"

and also at the Pickwick Recreation Center http://losangeleshistorian.com/2009/06/25/beachboyslandmarkpickwick/

Beach Boys Historical Landmark – Pickwick Recreation Center (Burbank)

Address: 921 – 1001 Riverside Drive. Burbank, CA 91506

but, it doesn't give a date...but, I found this concert listed in a different place and it said '62...Maybe they played at Pickwick and NOT Olive Rec... http://cgi.ebay.com/BEACH-BOYS-62-Concert-Handbill-+-Earliest-Known-Ticket_W0QQitemZ350308523770QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20100124?IMSfp=TL100124009003r31175

PS Did you read where ALL of the Cartwright from Bonnanza are gone now? Pernell Roberts passed away at 81...

Then Dan Crane II wrote and sent this great pic which he said we could post:


I wasn't able to find a date of when they were at Olive Rec, but I found this pic of "The Surfers" in 1963 from My grandmothers photo album (Sherry J Watts as Ms. Teen Burbank)


And here's Sherry's senior photo from the 1965 Ceralbus:

And below are a few Beach Boys videos for your enjoyment!

Thought lost for thirty-five years, this rare concert brings you the Beach Boys at the peak of their performing talents. Early in 1964, promoters put together a mega-concert with the hottest stars of the day: the Beatles, Lesley Gore and the Beach Boys. The performances were taped live and aired on closed circuit. The Beach Boys' portion of the show was lost until 1998.

· Fun Fun Fun (1/3)
· Long Tall Texan (1/3)
· Little Deuce Coupe (1/3)
· Surfer Girl (2/3)
· Surfin' USA (2/3)
· Shut Down (2/3)
· In My Room (3/3)
· Papa Oom-Mow-Mow (3/3)
· Hawaii (3/3)

Listen to the song, "Be True to Your School"


Stay tuned for further update and please email any info you may have!

January 27, 2010 UPDATE

Jodi emailed today and included a couple of FAB pics - thanks again, Jodi!!

Hey Cathy,

Just also wanted you to know that the "Lost Concert" of the Beach Boys I am there in the audience with Marilyn Rovell Wilson. She had just started dating Brian when this was made and they hadn't yet married. They get quite a few shots of us in the video. None of the songs you have up though. Just so you know.


This was my very first date. I was 13 yrs old. Dennis Wilson took me to The 7-Seas in Hollywood. This place had a live Tahitian Dancers dance as we ate. I was so scared I didn't eat at all! Denny use to tell people years later that I was one of his first girlfriends. Probably not but cute that he would say that........

My daughter Mackenzie. She is an actress and here's a picture of her at Sundance film festival. She has a movie in it this year.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking Back at Burbank

Have been perusing an interesting website which has many old Burbank photos - CLICK HERE to see - and below are a few of them. Enjoy!

Burbank Hospital, 1909
In 1907 Dr. Thompson opened his Burbank Hospital at Olive Avenue and Fifth Street with sixteen beds. In 1908 Dr. Thompson bought a second-hand Mitchell automobile without top or windshield. As much as 18 miles per hour down Olive Avenue could be made. However, a horse was more efficient on gullied trails. Dr. Thompson was arrested for going 12 miles an hour through the Glendale business district. Then he hired Ben Trout as chauffeur. Trout put a mattress in the rear of the car so that Dr. Thompson could sleep during long trips. Calls for a doctor were usually relayed from neighbor to neighbor. Directions were not by street numbers, which were nonexistent, but by such phrases as 'three houses past the Radcliff ranch.' A lantern hung on the porch meant that help was needed. Dr. Thompson did operations in emergencies on the spot." Back row: Frank Bisbee (left), unknown driver, O.B. Thompson, Ethel Thompson (nurse), Nellie Brisbee, Elizabeth Thompson, Edith Archer. Front row: unknown children, Lucille Thompson Trout, William Archer.

Andrew Jergens Company factory, 1920
The Andrew Jergens Company factory, located at Verdugo Avenue near the railroad tracks in Burbank, 1920. The company was founded in 1882. They began with a single product, coconut oil soap, specially formulated to perform in hard water.

Burbank City Hall, 1921
The first City Hall was built in 1916. The police and fire department were also located in this building.

Burbank City Hall, 1943
View of Burbank City Hall, at 275 East Olive Street, Burbank, in 1943, the year it opened. In 1996, Burbank City Hall was placed on the National Register as well as the California Register of Historical Resources.

Hollywood-Burbank Airport terminal, 1967.
The name was changed from from Lockheed Air Terminal to Hollywood-Burbank Airport in 1967.

Pacific Southwest Airlines stewardesses, 1967-78?
Stewardesses pose for publicity pictures in an L-1011 Tri-Star engine to inaugurate their new uniforms of cotton-candy pink, tangelo red, and pumpkin orange. Uniforms were designed to match colored stripes on "PSA's Smiling Aircraft".

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Greg Blaine Bailey 1948-2009

BHS Class of '66 mourns the loss of classmate, Greg Bailey.

Greg Blaine Bailey passed away on Dec. 24, 2009 in Ukiah, Ca. Greg was born Sept. 9th 1948 in Logan, Utah. He was a member of the Mormon Church and moved with his family to Burbank, Ca in his early childhood. He graduated high school in Burbank and was enrolled in an Art institute. His great talent and passion led him to a career in commercial and professional art. He was especially talented in portraits and landscape. After his service in the U.S. Army, he moved to San Luis Obispo where he pursued his profession in art and later in his life moved to Ukiah and continued his passion in arts.

Greg leaves behind his mother Ora Bailey of Ukiah, his brother Steven Bailey of Salem NC, and his sister Bev and her husband Rodney Henkel and their two sons Arlen and Cory of Redwood Valley. He was proceeded in death by his father, Steven Bailey. He was married and had three daughters, Ginger, Cindy and Lilly.

One of Greg's fondest childhood memories was visiting his grandpa Noah in Richmond, Utah and helping with farm chores; he especially enjoyed driving the tractor. Greg also loved to visit his Aunt Irene in Richmond. Greg will be dearly missed by family and friends.

Ukaiah Daily Journal

Burbank Blast 2010! Burbank High School Out of the Blue

More talented students from BHS!


Out of the Blue from Burbank High School led off the performances at Burbank Blast 2010. They set a high standard for the other choirs to aspire to.

Burbank News: Water Main Break at Victory and Palm Causes 40ft Sink Hole

After relief from the rain, look what happens in Burbank!

Photo from the818now.com

CLICK HERE to see more photos from the Daily News

Sinkhole closes Victory Boulevard

By Max Zimbert
Published: Last Updated Saturday, January 23, 2010 5:27 PM PST

Victory Boulevard between Olive Avenue and Magnolia Boulevard is closed tonight, and likely for a few days as crews work to repair what police estimate is a roughly 40-feet by 40-feet sinkhole.

Police said it started when a water main burst Saturday afternoon in the middle of Victory Boulevard at Palm Avenue. It grew knocked out the southern half of the intersection.

“The street fell in on itself right there,” Burbank police Lt. Eric Rosoff said. “It’s all gone.”

Businesses nearby are without water, and Burbank Water and Power staff are expected to work overnight to restore service.

Police said it was too early to have a timeline to know when the street could be fully repaired.

Check back here and at The818Now.com for updates.

--- end ---

A few youtube videos




January 24, 2010 UPDATE

Northbound traffic was open along Victory Boulevard and one southbound lane is expected to reopen Sunday evening. (Photo by Max Zimbert)

12:00 pm, Jan 24th, 2010
Written by Max Zimbert

[Update] The sinkhole that closed down Victory Boulevard yesterday should be back to normal before motorists begin their commute Monday, officials said.

Northbound lanes are open, and one southbound lane should open Sunday evening.

Burbank Water and Power officials had been working since 3 p.m Saturday to fix a broken water main that caused the sinkhole on Victory Boulevard and Palm Avenue.

Ken Donaldson, a water supervisor, said he suspected the rain moved soil around, which could’ve caused the water main to burst.

Three blocks of Victory Boulevard were without water, but the residences surrounding the sinkhole were OK. Water for businesses along the stretch of street should have water back on by 8 p.m.

“If everything goes right, it should be back to normal tonight,” Donaldson said.

Donaldson said this was an abnormally large sinkhole and the third largest he’s seen in Burbank in the last 20 years.

“These are pretty rare because Burbank spends a lot of money and time on maintenance,” he said.

As for the crew, they’ll be out there tonight, and will put the finishing touches on the temporary asphalt at 6 a.m. Monday.

No rest for the weary.

“A lot of us live in this city and we take pride in what we do,” Donaldson said.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Rainbow

This afternoon I walked outside and was greeted with a rainbow so big, I couldn't fit it all in one camera shot! A kiss from heaven...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Double Rainbow

Thanks Carol for the beautiful photo!

After all of the rain in Southern California we had a double rainbow today. Hopefully we have seen the end of the rain for a few days at least!

Carol (Brown) Baker

Thursday, January 21, 2010

'67 Ceralbus Sold on Ebay

Yesterday, Pam Kirkwood '64 was informed by another alumni that a 1967 Ceralbus was for sale on Ebay, so we passed the word and John Rock was the winner. Good catch, John!

John first replied with this:

...thanks, Cathy. I lost all my Ceralbus books for the years of high school, and being able to obtain one is really neat.

God Bless,


Then I asked if he did get it and just received this:

...yes! I bought the Ceralbus. Thank you so much, this means a great deal to me.

Now, I have to watch ebay for 65 & 66!!!

Stay well, and thank you for all the great work, and effort you put into the 67BHS website, etc.

I will be retiring soon, so I'll let you know the details in the next few months. It seems weird to think of the word "retirement." I feel like we're still back in high school. Time has flown.

I wanted to see you and others on Apr 10, but it looks like I will be in Costa Rica during that time, bird watching. So, I'll make the next get-together.

Thank you again for the info regarding the Ceralbus. It made my day.

God Bless,


Btw, CLICK HERE to see other Burbank High goodies on Ebay!

And the fellow who owned the Ceralbus (not the seller) was Rich Tomei, class of '68 (photo).

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Renee McCall 1931-2005

From the 1966 BHS Ceralbus yearbook

Received this email from Alan Landros '70 today which gives us belated news of the passing of Mrs. McCall who was in charge of the Drill Team while I was at Burbank High. Thanks Alan.


I talked to Dr. Carol LeBlanc tonight. One thing she told me was that Mrs. Renee McCall died on May 21, 2005, in Sea Shells, British Columbia, where she and her husband had lived since retiring. (Mr. McCall passed away 16 months earlier.) Mrs. McCall was born July 27, 1931, so she was 73 when she passed away. Was she the Drill Team teacher while you were at BHS? She was all three years we were there from '67 to '70. Maybe you've heard this already.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Burbank News: Disney's Chromium 6 Pollution Problem

Just last night I re-watched on DVD the movie 'Erin Brockovich' (2000) with Julia Roberts which is based on the true story of a single mother who works for a lawyer and stumbles upon the coverup of PG&E water pollution.

Then I happened to see this article about Disney in Burbank - check it out as it doesn't sound good for the residents who live nearby!

Disney's Chromium 6 Pollution Problem
nowBuzz up!
By Steven Mikulan
Published: January 18, 2010

An environmental lawsuit against Walt Disney’s 50-acre Burbank film and TV production facility that has been quietly winding through federal court may soon be getting more attention -- and not just for its "Erin Brockovich" connections.

At the heart of the controversy is the alleged half-century of dumping by Disney of polluted air-conditioning water into storm drains surrounding its studio complex at 500 Buena Vista St. – affecting nearby homes, the Burbank Equestrian Center, Johnny Carson and Polliwog parks, and parts of Griffith Park.

The August 2009 federal lawsuit, filed by Environmental World Watch and several individuals who live near the Disney studios, alleges the discharge contained excessive levels of the carcinogens Trichloroethylene (TCE) and Tetrachloroethylene (PCE), as well as hexavalent chromium, more familiarly known to viewers of “Erin Brockovich” as Chromium 6.

A year after Disney opened its studio complex in 1939, the state-of-the-art facility boasted the then-uncommon luxury of air-conditioning. While the cooling water -- which was flushed through storm drains and into the L.A. River -- wasn’t toxic, various chemicals that were added to prevent scaling and rusting of its delivery-pipe system were. By the early 1990s the carcinogens were no longer being added to the water, and the coolant was no longer being flushed into the street.

However, the plaintiffs claim, residual amounts of the pollutants continue to be discharged through old contaminated pipes, even though Disney has no permits for such discharging, a violation of the Clean Water and Resource Conservation and Recovery acts.

According to a source familiar with the case who requested anonymity, the presence of TCE, PCE and Chromium 6 groundwater plumes only became known as a result of the construction of the nearby 134 Freeway, which was finished in 1971. As a result of this discovery, Disney laid a 16-inch pipe into which it now pumps the spent coolant underneath the studio lot into a catch basin. Lawyers for the plaintiffs are seeking to learn if it continues to end up in the L.A. River.

The lawsuit could prove to be a financial and PR nightmare for Disney. A source familiar with the investigation told The Wrap that prior to 1991 Disney could claim ignorance of the pollution and could’ve gotten off with a relatively small cleanup fee. Now that the company knows of the problems, thanks to data from monitoring wells set up on its Buena Vista site in the early 1990s, it could theoretically be liable for staggering fines.

The lawsuit asks not only that Disney cease the discharge, but that it pay civil penalties on a per-violation/per-day basis – a potential headache, although even if it loses in court or settles before trial, it’s not certain how much Disney would actually wind up being on the hook for.

Documents show that the plaintiffs are not seeking a jury trial, but a bench decision in Los Angeles from U.S. District Court Judge Dean Pregerson. John Parker, a Sacramento lawyer for the plaintiffs, says that while the trial is not expected to start before September, 2011, the phase of seeking discovery evidence is about to begin.

Last October the Disney Company asked Pregerson to dismiss the suit, but was unsuccessful. The suit is being spearheaded by the Sacramento law firm Kershaw Cutter & Ratinoff, and has been joined by L.A. firm Girardi & Keese, which figured in the Erin Brockovich case against utility PG&E. The company did not respond to The Wrap's requests for comment.

Last year a spokesman told the Burbank Leader that the company "has not used Chromium 6 on its property."

Friday, January 15, 2010

BHS Party at DeBell Clubhouse Grill April 10 @ 1pm

Scroll down for updates

Hey Trooops!

Mark your calendar for SATURDAY, APRIL 10 @ 1 PM to meet after the Burbank on Parade at the DeBell Golf Course Clubhouse Grill.

Just got off the phone with fellow classmate Shelly (Perez) Lucero BHS '67. She and her husband run the restaurant and Shelly is reserving the backroom which opens to an outdoor patio, so pass the word to Anybody and Everybody - THANKS SHELLY!

The parade starts a 11 am @ Olive Avenue between Keystone and Lomita.

PS And don't forget Gals, whether or not you were in Drill Team, you can march in the Parade! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO

February 6, 2010 UPDATE

Pam Kirkwood just sent me this!

Hi guys...Just got the following message below from Christine Perez Turner '62...

Hi Pam,

I just read the "Loop", always glad to hear how our Burbank High classmates are doing. Regarding the Burbank On Parade get together after at the DeBell Clubhouse Grill. I have to say it's a perfect place for a get together. The view and atmosphere is wonderful, you really feel you are away. Besides, Shelly Lucero class of 67 is my sister, not being partial, lol.
Cathy and Linda good choice! There has been a few classes that have had reunions there. Let's spread the word to our friends, it will be a fun day.


Burbank's 2010 Float in Action!

Finally, we have good clip of Burbank's float in the Rose Parade...


Previous posts:
News from Burbank

Burbank's Float Won Animation Award Today in Rose Bowl Parade

Tillman and Tyson on the 2008 Rose Parade

2008 Rose Parade

February 5, 2010 UPDATE


Monday, January 11, 2010

New Blog for ALL BHS Classes!

OK FOLKS! This New Blog is Called...


Original - heh??

It is dedicated to ALL the classes of Burbank High and the initial plan is to get as many Ceralbus senior photos as possible posted.


Here is the link:

Spread the word!

Update on the Statue of Dr Burbank

January 13, 2010 UPDATE
Wes and Mike did a FAB job reporting on Dr Burbank's dedication! - CLICK HERE

And here's the local news article:

Statue without limitations

Guests look at statue of Dr. David Burbank during official unveiling at Five Points in Burbank on Tuesday. (Raul Roa/News-Press)

Artistic take on David Burbank now stands 12 feet tall at Five Points.

By Christopher Cadelago
Published: Last Updated Tuesday, January 12, 2010 10:07 PM PST
Burbank Leader

Dr. David Burbank, a dentist and sheep rancher whose name lives on in the city for which he was named, was recognized Tuesday at Five Points with a statue in his likeness, capping months of anticipation and transforming the busy corner into a grassy lookout.

City executives Tuesday dedicated the 12-foot-tall statue along with a time capsule and plaques recognizing Burbank’s sister cities in an upbeat ceremony at 1075 West Burbank Blvd.

Children looked on from the shoulders of their parents at the 50-foot-tall pole bearing a flapping American flag as the 2nd Battalion, 23rd Marines presented the colors.

“I cannot think of a better use or better day to dedicate it,” City Manager Mike Flad said, thanking a host of dignitaries before circling back to officials who made the land public in perpetuity. “You don’t see this project but for the wisdom of the City Council.”

City Council members had approved the gateway public art project and appropriated $365,000 for the statue, with another $300,000 for site improvements at Five Points, according to city reports.

Hand-fabricated in Italy by Andrea Favilli, the bronze sculpture depicts Burbank standing atop a large pedestal and features images associated with the city’s transportation- and media-related history.

“Believe it or not, there’s very little out there about David Burbank,” Favilli told a group after the unveiling. “That’s why we did this.”

Born Dec. 17, 1821, in Effingham, N.H., Burbank moved to California in 1853. He rose to prominence after buying nearly 10,000 acres of Southern California land and overseeing one of the largest sheep farms. Two years before his death in 1895, he opened the Burbank Theatre on South Main Street in Los Angeles.

The city was later named in his honor.

Standing below the sculpture, Mayor Gary Bric said the representation instantly would be among the city’s most recognizable pieces of public art.

“You can’t miss it,” Bric said.

On the heels of digging up a 50-year-old time capsule buried below the Magnolia Boulevard Bridge, officials Monday dedicated a capsule containing letters from council members, drawings from schoolchildren and photographs of notable architecture.

Area business owners as part of the weeklong celebration scheduled an open-boulevard event from noon to 3 p.m. Saturday. Sponsored by the Burbank Boulevard Merchants Assn., the event will include information on the city’s history and other family-oriented activities.

Bric also presided over the dedication of plaques to sister cities Solna, Sweden; Incheon, Korea; Gaborone, Botswana; and Ota, Japan.

The commemorative inscriptions surround the statue and speak to the city’s global influence, officials said.

Following the successful transfer of the sculpture to American soil, the project hit its share of snags, said Chris Daste, director of the Park, Recreation and Community Services Department.

Favilli in October received notice from the California Board of Equalization regarding an additional $5,842 “use tax.”

A spending package totaling about $15,000, which includes an additional $9,400 for structural work, is expected to return to the council in the coming months after it was tabled last week.

Officials have also brushed off repeated criticism that the statue bears little resemblance to David Burbank, maintaining that it is meant to serve as an artistic representation rather than a photographic image.

--- end ---

However, not everybody is happy with all this...

--- end ---

Cathy (Nicholls) Coyle sent a couple of more pics of the new statue of Dr. Burbank below. To read previous post, please CLICK HERE. Thanks Cathy!

Hey CP: Drove by the Dr. David Burbank statue yesterday. Took a photo of what it looks with the green screens still surrounding it before the big dedication tomorrow. I cropped the photo futher so you could see the designs on the pedestal underneath Dr. Burbank. Looks pretty neat! Don't think we will be going to the dedication but I will take another photo when we pass by again another day!
Your Friend,

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Alumni Drill Team Will March in 2010 Burbank on Parade

Attention Alumni Drill Team!

Received this email today from Linda Lee:

Dear Drill Team Members and recruits........the Burbank On Parade is Saturday April 10th.....please let me know if will be joining us this year........to the new recruits, we have a blast and the routine is so very simple.......if you are interested, contact me and I will order pompoms for you......we wear royal blue circular skirts, (which are simple to make) and a parade shirt with your name and the year you graduated.......we will have a get together and practice....chat soon,

Linda Lee

P.S......you need not have been in the drill team, only an alumni.......



Friday, January 8, 2010

Do You Remember the Red Cars?

Maybe... So in 1911, the same year the City of Burbank incorporated, the Pacific Electric Railroad ‘Red Car’ began its Burbank to Los Angeles route using the motto, "Burbank – Just 45 minutes from Broadway" --- Broadway in Los Angeles, that is!

1956 Glenoaks and Orange Grove

Toluca Lake 1955

The Last Day with the Mayor of Glendale in 1956

January 9, 2010 UPDATE

Guess you can still ride 'em in San Pedro and here's a short clip of a replica.


Another vid...


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Dr Burbank Statue Dedication Jan 12

No secrets here! Wes Clark posted this pic on my Facebook wall saying, "Sneak peek at the new Dr. David Burbank statue going up at Five Points Park. Dedication is 12 January."

Then found this at the City of Burbank website:

Five Points Dedication
Dr. Burbank statue unveiling
Date: 1/12/2010 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM
Location: corner of Burbank Blvd. & Victory Blvd.
1075 West Burbank Blvd.
Burbank, California

Please join the City of Burbank on Tuesday, January 12 for the Five Points Dedication and Dr. David Burbank Statue Unveiling. The ceremony will be held 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at 1075 West Burbank Blvd. (corner of Burbank Blvd. and Victory Blvd.)

Don't miss this historical day in the City of Burbank. Enjoy food, giveaways, and more!

Limited parking will be available in the Costco parking lot. For more information, please call (818) 238-5300.

BLOG COMMENT: Does it seem odd to you that this dedication is on a Tuesday in the middle of the day when most folks are either working or in school?? Also wondering, who paid for this?

January 8, 2010 UPDATE
It has come to my attention the following City of Burbank memorandum which gives a bit more info on this VERY expensive piece of art:

Date: January 5, 2010
To: Michael S. Flad, City Manager
From: Chris Dasté, Park, Recreation and Community Services Director


The purpose of this report is to request City Council approve a Second Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement with Andrea Favilli for the design, fabrication and installation of public art at Five Points and to amend the Fiscal Year 2009-10 Budget.

On March 14, 2006, Council approved the development of a gateway public art project at the intersection known as Five Points, and appropriated a total of $300,000; $150,000 from the Public Art Fund and $150,000 from the Golden State Bond proceeds. Council also appointed a Site Specific Art Committee to assist in the selection of an artist.

On January 30, 2007, Council selected artist Andrea Favilli who proposed a slightly larger-than-life bronze sculpture of Dr. David Burbank standing in front of an approximately fifty foot flagpole on a large pedestal, featuring iconic images directly relating to Burbank’s history. The pedestal was proposed to sit atop a stepped pentagon base that rests on a circular pad of concrete elevated above the street level. A Professional Services Agreement (PSA) was executed with the artist to design, fabricate, and install a bronze sculpture for the Five Points Art Installation Project.

On July 31, 2007, per the recommendation of staff, the artist and landscape architect, Council approved an additional $65,000 to enlarge the sculpture to 10 feet in height. It was determined that the original size of the sculpture of 8 feet would not have the presence that was originally envisioned. The PSA was amended accordingly.

At the July meeting, City Council also selected the landscape design for this project. The design includes various concrete walkway paths, concrete pavers, concrete pad and steps to the base of the sculpture, trees, shrubs, vines, and site furnishings such as trash receptacles, benches and a drinking fountain. On June 23, 2009, a construction contract was awarded to DMA Greencare Contracting, Inc in the amount of $294,124.29 to complete the recommended site improvements at Five Points. Construction commenced on August 3, 2009 and was completed in December 2009.

The sculpture of Dr. Burbank was hand fabricated in Italy. The art piece was completed in August 2008 and was shipped to the City in October 2008. The funds originally appropriated ($365,000) towards this project were to cover all design, fabrication, and installation fees. However, since the completion and delivery of the art piece additional unexpected costs have been incurred. In September 2009, staff from Park, Recreation and Community Services Department provided the City’s Building Division with plan, specifications, and structural calculations to be issued permits to allow the construction phase of the project to commence. Upon further review, staff discovered that additional structural calculations needed to be prepared, given the height of the sculpture and the incorporation of a flag pole, to ensure that the art piece is safely installed to withstand strong gusts of wind. Since the art piece was hand fabricated, there were no boiler plate specifications available. The additional cost of the structural calculations is $9400. While the additional cost is unfortunate, staff is confident that the large statue and flag pole is installed properly and is a safe amenity for the public to appreciate.

In October 2009 Mr. Favilli received notice from the State Board of Equalization regarding an additional “use tax” for the sculpture of Dr. Burbank which was fabricated abroad. The artist routinely fabricates his art pieces abroad and he is quite familiar with all the fees and taxes that need to be paid when an art piece is fabricated overseas. However, given a recent change in the California’s tax law, all items purchased out-of-state for use in California are now subject to a “use tax”. This additional “use tax” is in addition to the regular sales tax that the artist has already paid. The additional tax is for $5,842.87 was not anticipated and therefore was not originally budgeted for.

Because both of these expenses were not anticipated, staff is requesting that Council approve a Second Amendment to the PSA (Exhibit A) with Andrea Favilli to compensate the artist for the unanticipated additional costs and appropriate funds from the Art in Public Places Fund to cover these unexpected expenses. The use of Art in Public Places Funds is warranted as these costs are directly related to the development and installation of the Five Points Art Installation Project.

Staff is requesting an additional appropriation of $15,242.87 from the Art in Public Places Fund to cover these additional expenses. The Fund has a balance of $386,482.12. If approved, $15,242.87 would be appropriated from the Art in Public Places Fund Balance Designation account (001.ND000.30001.1033) to the Five Points Art Installation Project (370.PR46A.70005.0000.16611).

It is the recommendation of staff that the City Council approve the Second Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement (PSA) with Andrea Favilli for the design, fabrication and installation of artwork at Five Points.

Exhibit A – Second Amendment to Professional Services Agreement

Attention BHS Class of '55... REUNION TIME!

Today my sister, Patricia (Palmer) Peck forwarded to me the following email regarding her upcoming reunion. Please pass the word - THANKS!

Happy 2010. Here's to a great year.

Since the reunion is coming up the evening of Friday, September 10, 2010, we are getting an early start by checking e-mail addresses and in some cases home addresses where people have changed one or both addresses and have forgotton to inform us.

We are excited about the next reunion as we think it will be a fun affair with live music and great food.

You will be receiving your invitation by snail-mail around March with pertinent details of costs, hotel fees, etc.

I just received an e-mail from Hank Court and he was good enough to volunteer to pass on three more of our classmates information who have fallen through the cracks. Please, if any of you have other classmates with which you have kept in contact through the years, it would be a great help if you could take a minute and send us their e-mail/home address information so they can be included in our mail-outs. Classmates move or change their e-mail addresses and forget to inform us, and, voila! there they go.

I Googled a handful of classmates who's e-mail had changed or we had only partial information such as just a name with nothing else or a street address with no city or vice-versa. In one instance the feedback included a telephone number. I called the number and asked the person answering if he went to Burbank High. The answer was yes and what followed was really amazing. He lived in the state of Washington in a forest located an hour's drive from any town. When I told him who I was and what I wanted he was amazed. His wife had died a year ago and he had been talking to another "lost" classmate (whose wife also is deceased) a week earlier saying he wished he could find out about our class reunions because he really wanted to attend and get in contact with his old friends from BHS. Wow! Talk about timing.

His name is Charles Whitton and his friend's name is Jim Seaberg. If any of you want to contact Charles or Jim let me know and I will give you their info.

We think it is going to be a great reunion and we are so glad to see so many of you are planning to make the effort to have some fun and reunite with your classmates.

It would be a great help, also, if you could give us some feedback as to your plans. The earlier we know your plans, the easier our jobs become.

Thanks so much in advance for your help.

Jincie Campbell Williams

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mrs. Jones' 1953 Kindergarten Class at Washington Elementary in Burbank

If they continued as planned, these cute little children would have graduated from BHS in 1965.

Do you recognize anyone??

Found this photo here.

1/8/10 Note From Alan Landros '70: "Mrs. Jones taught kindergarten later for many years at Thomas Jefferson in Burbank. She loved to travel, and a number of years after retirement, she died while on an African Safari. I just used your SS death index website link, (since I remember her name was Bliss Jones, even though she wasn't my teacher!), and there are three Bliss Jones. The one that fits the best was born October 6, 1899, and died February 15, 1973, and would have been 73 years old. It says her last residence was in Lund, Nevada."

January 8, 2010 UPDATE

Found a few more Washington class photos from 1960-1962:


News from Burbank

Ace reporter, Cathy (Nicholls) Coyle, has some Burbank news to share with us:

(See video of the Burbank 2010 Float)

Hey CP: After the Sr. Bulldog luncheon Monday, John and I went to see the Burbank Float in the parking lot at Olive Park. After we admired the float, we picked up a couple of flyers that you might want to post on your blog. The first one is the "2011 Rose Float Design Contest Entry Release Form." Anyone can submit a design idea entry but it must be received by: January 27, 2010.

The 2nd flyer announces that Stephanie Edwards will be a guest speaker at the Gordon R. Howard Museum. This is scheduled for Saturday, January 30, 2010 at 2:00 pm. The program is FREE to the public.

Thanks CP and hope you are having a GREAT New Year!

Your Friend,

CLICK HERE to print out Entry Form