Saturday, February 2, 2008

Dave Nash

Received this email today from our investigative roving reporter, Cathy Nicholls Coyle:

The Glen Cowan mixup reminds me of a story about another one of our classmates.

Before our 25th high school reunion it was rumored that Dave Nash had died. Somehow, it got back to Dave. When he showed up at our 25 year reunion at the Burbank Hilton, he went around to all the tables saying "I am alive, I am alive!"

Below is a photo from our 25th reunion, with Dave, Jeanne Barron, Kathy Bryan, and Chris Peterson. The next day he showed up at the class picnic and decided to show us a skill he had acquired since high school. We can now call him "Rubber Man!"

It's been 15 years......Does anyone know where Dave Nash is now?

I didn't find Dave, but I did find a website for Betsey (BHS '68), his sister!

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