Friday, February 1, 2008

Glen Cowan is ALIVE and well!

Linda just emailed me saying, "I think Glen Cowan is alive!"

What?? Oh dear... we had just added him to our class memorial page.

She sent a link to his website but I couldn't really tell if it was him or not from the photos, so I swallowed hard and called the phone number:

"Hello? I'm looking for a Glen Cowan that went to Burbank High School."

"That's me!"

So after explaining why I called, we laughed and he began to tell me a bit about himself.

Glen is living in Paradise, CA, with his lovely wife, Jeanne, who is an author and president of the Chico Creek Nature Center.

Glen keeps busy with his two businesses, the first being Edison Hydraulic Load Maintainers.

The other business is Cowan Metal Art - amazing... your artwork is wonderful, Glen!!

2/2/08 Email Update

Received this nice email from Glen this morning:

Thanks for taking the time to make this great website. It was interesting but sad to see how many of our classmates are gone. Made me feel lucky and glad to still be here. I probably won't make the Sept 100 year celebration but I may try to go to the next reunion for class of 67. Thanks again for your efforts.

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