Thursday, February 7, 2008

Email from Don Ray

Subject: I like the BHS '67 site!

It's really looking cool! Thanks so much for keeping it up and running andeven glistening.

I can only remember movies in Burbank costing 35 cents (90 cents for logeseats -- whatever they were).

Oh, Grand Central Airport is in Glendale -- always was. I can remember driving(riding, OK) down Sonora from San Fernando and going past the north end of therunway on the left. There was a sign that said something like, "Caution. LowFlying Aircraft". How absolutely cool!

I also remember riding with my mom to pick up my dad who worked at Lockheed. In the mid 1950s there were still signs on the fence surrounding the runwaythere that read, "No photographs!" It was left over from the war years.

Also, the other day I went looking for the last remnants of something thataffected all of us. It came to life on the last Friday of each month at, Ithink 10 a.m. (maybe 9 a.m.). Do you remember what it was? I looked for two ofthem that I remembered were in particular places. But they're both gone now --probably all of them. Can you guess?

(Hmmm - Air Raid Siren?? LOL!! Ok, I give up... WHAT?)

Enough. I'll chat with you later.

Again, great job on the blog site.

Don Ray

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