Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What a TRIPP... KAREN TRIPP that is!

Oh my, it was close to FIFTY years ago I last saw Karen Tripp - it was 6th grade at Miller. Her family apparently moved across town and I never heard from her again... until TODAY!

It all began with an email from Dave White, JBHS Class '67 webmaster... The emails below tell the story:

Subject: Our cross-town rival
Date: Wed, 27 Feb 2008

I've traded a number of emails lately with Cathy Palmer who has a site dedicated to the Burbank High graduating class of 67'

With the latest round of pictures from Ron Blom, I'd thought it would be interesting to find out where the dividing line is that sends one student to Burroughs and another to Burbank High. Does anyone know what elementary and junior highs (Luther) went to Burbank?

Did any of us have a choice?


--- end---

The dividing line was Jeffries. It is now Victory. It was changed a few years after we graduated. Mingay students went to Luther and then were split with some the BHS and some to JBHS.

Paula Jetton

--- end ---

Coincidentally, I went to Miller Elementary School with Cathy Palmer (Providencia & Kenneth). My parents lived on the hill until I was in the 6th grade then bought a house on Florence. I went to Luther. The elementary schools that went to Burbank were: Miller, Emerson, Jefferson, Washington and I think Providencia. I don’t know the dividing lines. Karen

--- end ---

Karen, you went to Miller? What was your last name??

A blast from the past!!

Cathy Palmer

--- end ---

Hi Cathy! My name was Karen Tripp. We had Girl Scouts together too. Do you remember me?

--- end ---

KAREN!!! Yes, OF COURSE I remember you!! So you went to Luther and then Burroughs? Wow... I remember you had a cheery smile and we would laugh a lot together - LOL!!

At what grade did you move away? Did we say good-bye???

Looks like you are working for the city of Burbank? What's the latest? I would love to post on our blog a brief update about you with a recent pic and early pic if you have them.

We have lots of Miller folks who are still movin' and groovin' and who came to the 40th reunion: Jeanne Barron, Mary Brotsis, Mary Ogle, Don Ray Ripley, Cathy & Carol Nicholls, Kathleen Dupree, and Diana Ziegler didn't come but we are in touch. Also I'm in touch with Jeanne Sproul who's had a rough go of it over the years. This blog has opened doors for lots of connections - VERY cool indeed!!

BHS is celebrating 100 yrs next Sept and I'll be in Burbank for a few days if you want to connect.

Click here to read about my adventures... golly, it's only been FIFTY YEARS since we were at Miller - YIKES!! Hahahaa!!


--- end ---


I love your website! Cathy Nicholls (Coyle) and I worked together for the City for many years. Her sister Joan still works here. I saw Mary Brotsis about 10 years at the soap opera “Santa Barbara” party. My friend Martie Scribner was a make-up artist on the show and worked with her. She looked so different! Even more so on her reunion photo. I ran into Chris Peterson at the Burbank/Burroughs all class reunion a few years back. I recognized him immediately. It’s sad thinking about the friends I lost by moving. It was in the middle of 6th grade when we moved. My mom drove me to school every day (I was within walking distance before) until the end of the school year. I would love to see you when you come down. Keep in touch! Karen

--- end ---

You left in the middle of 6th grade? UGHHH! What ever happened to Paula Blank?

Yeah, I moved my kids a few too many times and now realize that was a pretty dumb thing to do to a child. I myself was in the same house until I moved out at 18 yrs, but since have moved a GAZILLION times and am ready to stay put for a while... a looooong while I hope - here in Sonoma.

So can I post your emails on the blog??? Along with a photo or two? Are there any pics on the Burroughs website? If yes, I can copy them - just cut & paste the link in an email.

So glad we have connected, Karen!!

--- end ---

You can post any emails you want. Go to our website and click on our reunion - there are a few pics there. I saw Paula about eight years ago at her parents’ 50th Anniversary party. She lives in Pennsylvania now. So tell me about your reunion. Where was it held? We had ours in October at the Holiday Inn. It was in the Crystal View Room at the top of the hotel, appetizers, bar and music. We had the best time! The best ever reunion! I’m on the reunion committee and this was the first time we did everything ourselves. We’ve always had a reunion company help us locate people, etc. It was a lot of work, but definitely worth it. Even the class of ’68 reunion committee showed up. There was a picnic at Johnny Carson park on the following Sunday and a cruise to Mexico the next day. We got a lot more people to go this time because of Dave White and our website. Almost everything on it, he put there. We are now keeping in touch with each other a lot more. One of our classmates, who lives in Palmdale, wants to have a party this summer and invite everyone. We are planning an Alaskan cruise next year when we all turn 60 (and before we all get too old to enjoy it!). Anyway, that’s about it from the other side of town. Karen

--- end ---

Great!! Thanks Karen... I'll email you the link once it is posted. You know, Mary Brotsis as well as others still have our photos from elementary school but she wouldn't part with them so I could scan and post - hahaa! I understand totally.

Anyway, we used a reunion company this year but next time folks are wanting to do it ourselves - maybe a 45th and hey, the cruise sounds fun (how much and when? just curious - I've never been on a cruise, but an Alaskan one sound awesome!)! That was mentioned for us at some point but not sure where it (the idea - not the crusie - lol!) went.

Our reunion was lots of fun which began on Friday with a few small get together's here and there, then Saturday lunch at Toluca Lake Bob's, followed with the big wing-ding at the Sheraton Universal and of course, the Saturday picnic at Johnny Carson park.

More later...!!


--- end ---

We don’t know the details of the cruise yet. We have a couple of people from the committee looking into it. Your reunion sounded fun too. We also went to Bob’s, but we went on Friday night. Because I work for the City, I got a shuttle bus and gave a tour of Burbank for those who hadn’t been here for awhile. We met in front of Burroughs on Saturday morning, and I drove them to see the studios, the new Empire Center (formerly Lockheed property), Burbank High, and the new Chandler Bikeway, etc. It was great fun and everyone had a million questions about all the changes. Very whirlwind weekend, but so much fun! Karen

--- THE END ---

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