Saturday, February 23, 2008

Memories of Carson City

Received this email from Donna Luce... Yeah Donna, ONLY 14 hours away - LOL! Thanks for the update.

Hey Cathy,

Did you know that you guys were only 14 hours from my house, straight up 395!!! Some day all of you will have to do a road trip to Spokane. I'm only 30 miles from Coeur d"Alene, Idaho, which has lots of fun things to do.

Anyway FYI, John Cressaty lives in Minden, NV, where I used to live (1991 to 1993) and is only 15 miles from Carson City. He and his family were very cordial to me when I lived up there. Next time you go to CC you should look him up.

Looks like you guys had a fun time. I loved living up there but had to move back to Burbank when my mom got cancer (non-hodgkins lymphoma). Lots of prayers gave her back to us and she's been in remission for 12 years now.

Anyway, I've been working right now through the tax season at H/R Block. After that's done I've got jury duty, then I'm headed for Burbank to see my family, especially my two granddaughters and hopefully look up old friends.

All for now,


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  1. Donna - Jerry "W" and I have lived in Gardnerville (next door to Minden) forever!! So sorry we missed you when you lived in the area! Next time you are passing through, give us a holler! - Teri (Hill *Class of 68*) Clark