Friday, February 15, 2008

Email from Dona Foy Porcaro-Bruckner

Received this email today - thanks Dona!


Debbie went by Deborah Spaulding Milton. Debbie decided on her 40th birthday she did not want to be a Debbie any longer and wanted a more refined Deborah. It was very difficult for me to change but I finally did! Deb was truly one of the most wonderful, creative people I have ever known. Her daughter is graduating from nursing school in May and that is a tribute to Deb.

Oh, BTW, I love the blog and I look at it everyday-Don Ray is a great writer and I really enjoyed his letter. You have done so much to bring all of us together.

I definitely would want a 45 year reunion and yes, I feel it should be much simpler than the 40th. I think most people don’t want to spend 100.00 plus per person to attend. I would be more than happy to work on it with Cathy and Carol or anyone else. Scott’s class had light snacks and open bar at the castaway and it seemed very well attended. Have you had a lot of responses?

I wrote to Glenn Cowan and we have corresponded a few times. I was so sad to hear he had passed because I have known him since grade school. He got a chuckle out of that!

Take care and have a great weekend.



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