Monday, September 17, 2007

Don Ray

So glad you came to the reunion, Don! Enjoyed listening to your fascinating stories too. So you interviewed Sonny and Cher for the Hi Life newspaper?? WOW!

Hi Cathy Palmer,

You’re too awesome! Thanks for all of the great work. In case I didn’t give it to you, here’s a link to my silly blog:

Is there any way to receive an e-mail list of the attendees from the reunion? It was so wonderful. I’ve never felt so welcomed by BHSers. I’m going to sent you an e-mail with various photos. You may pick the ones you like. You know, I believe that I made some friends this time — friends I’m certain will remain in my life for the rest of the journey.

Again, thanks.

Don Ray

Ps. You probably don’t have time, but some of my stories are at

Hi Life Assignment

Don Ray with his partner, Ralph, 1969 Vietnam and 2007

Thailand 1992

Armenia 2003

Nigeria 2006

Don Ray, Xiao Mei, David 2007

Ken Moore in 2007. He's now living in Texas.

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