Thursday, May 15, 2008

'55 Cadillac Convertible

As a little girl, this is the EXACT car I wanted to have when I grew up: a red Cadillac convertible. Well, I never got one but this week a co-worker brought his to work - very cool!

And here is a short video clip of the caddy along with a couple of '51 Fords!

5/16/08 UPDATE
Received this email today from Alan Landros '70 - thanks Alan!


Love the '55 Cadillac! I believe GM had started using the name "El Dorado" by 1955, or maybe earlier, for special models like this one. The rear end, tail lights, fins, etc., of the car is/are totally different than the regular '55 Cadillac models. It was the same for '56 and '57 El Dorados, same rear as this '55. This '55 El Dorado rear end, (and the '56 and '57), looks like the regular 1958 Cadillac models, like the Coupe de Ville and Sedan de Ville. I'm sure this car that you picture is quite rare.

One thing to tell your friend who owns the car. Tell him to hurry and get the whitewall tire back on the front left wheel. It spoiled "the moment" for me! I'm sure he has the "spare tire" on the front left at the moment. I noticed a whitewall in the spare carrier above the back bumper!

Thanks for the pictures and video.

(I had three Cadillacs at different times years and years ago. I had a '71 Coupe de Ville, a '73 Fleetwood sedan, and an '85 Fleetwood sedan. The '73 was the fanciest, it even had footrests on both sides in the back seat!)