Saturday, May 10, 2008

BHS '66 Class Reunion, Sat Sept 13

Hi Linda - sounds like your class will have a great time. See you in September!

Hi Cathy:

I can't believe your blog. It's FABULOUS! Thank you for doing it. It's wonderful reading, with millions of links. Unfortunately, I just discovered 4 additional classmates that I didn't know had passed away.

I seem to have designated myself as the "keeper of the roster" for my class of '66. We're up to 264, which includes 35 who have passed way. So we now have 42% on the list. We're adding slowly...

Since we have this big Centennial coming up, I thought it would be
FUN if others joined me when I go to check it out. Then I thought, "What a good time for a Reunion."

So the Reunion for the class of BHS 66 is Saturday, Sep. 13, during the Tailgate Party which starts at 11 am. Pam Zipfel Kirkwood suggested contacting you for it to be included on your blog.

Thank you for announcing it:

BHS 66 Reunion
Saturday, Sept 13
Starting at 11, during the Tailgate party
For more info, contact Linda (Schuster) Mazur:
626-644-1818 or


Linda (Schuster) Mazur
Pasadena, CA

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