Saturday, May 3, 2008

How to Toilet Paper a House

WOW! What a work of art! (only a former T.P.'er would make that statement - lol!)

Thanks Cathy for the great pics and for the link on
How to Toilet Paper a House - impt info for the future generations!

I remember that one of the best parts of the basketball games was sitting in the bleachers discussing who we were going to T.P. that night.

One time, while tossing and flinging rolls of toilet paper all over Janet Prater's house, the sprinklers suddenly came on and we ran to the car laughing our heads off!

When my house was hit, my parents were a bit ticked as we couldn't get the T.P. off the tippy top of the big tree and had to let nature take it's course to dissolve the white fluffy bits blowing in the wind - it was there for quite a while, and in my eyes, it was a memorial to the honor being T.P.'ed.

Be sure to add a comment below or email me your favorite T.P. story!

Hey CP:

Our neighbors down the street got surprised one morning when they discovered they had been "Magnificently" T-Peed! Can you believe they still participate in this event?

Even their cars got t-p'd and they left the toilet paper rolls on the antena of their Convertible Saturn!

Here is a link that actually gives directions on how to "Toilet Paper a House."

Maybe our classmates can email you and give us their "T-Peeing" stories...

--- end ---

Thanks Pam - and you got pink, blue and white? You ARE special!

Hi Cathy,

Wow, those pix of the "tee peed" house, really brought back memories...I wish I had the pictures of our house the time the Basketball Team got me! My Dad came in and woke me up and said, "Come out here, there is something I want you to see!" Honestly, it looked like "fairyland"...They did a fabulous job and it was all done in baby blue, pink and white TP...I am not sure we ever got it all out of the trees, as you said, "Mother Nature" eventually got the rest of it. I always figured it was kind of an "honor" being the victim of a T-Peeing event...My parents were pretty good-natured about it, except the cleaning up part...

I can remember being part of T-Peeing plots a few times...Like nobody KNEW what we were up to when we went into Bill's Ranch Market and bought dozens and dozens of rolls of Charmin or whatever...

Glad to hear some of these harmless pranks are still alive and well!!!

Pam Zipfel Kirkwood '64

--- end ---

Cathy Nicholls Coyle's T.P. memory... I totally forgot about this - HA!!

CP & Pam,
Your T-Ping stories are great! All I can remember is t-ping Mike Fann's house with you, CP, and Jeani Crichlow; while Carol and Mike were in it! We were laughing so hard we could barely hang the TP on the trees! I'm sure I could find more stories in my Diary. Guess if we didn't have those Diaries we sure wouldn't remember much!


  1. May I ask why People do that? I know that from Television only - but that's a Custom I just don't get...

  2. Why? Why not!

    As a teenager in the 60's, we didn't consider the mess we were making for the families to clean up afterwards but rather enjoyed the fun of it.

    Back then, it was 'CHOICE!' to have your house T.P. - lol!!

  3. Ok.Ok. I can imagine the Fun. Yes.

    It's just ... I've never heard, that Kids did/do that over here.