Monday, May 5, 2008

Mac & Bills's '51 Fords

UPDATED 2/4/09

Co-worker Mac drove his classic '51 Ford to work today and thought you'd enjoy seeing pics!



Just received this email - thanks Alan! Here's a link you may enjoy...


I just looked at the blog and saw the '51 Ford! I love '50's and early '60's cars, those are my favorites! My most favorite are "stock", like they were when they rolled off the line in Detroit. If I had that '51 Ford I would want the wheels and hubcaps like it had when new. And the original color of paint. This car is nice, but I always wonder why the restorerer doesn't return it to original appearance! Just my opinion! My dad had a '53 Ford Victoria two-door hardtop. It was black with a white top and had green interior.

My very favorites, I think, are mid to late 50's GM cars, probably Buicks. I think my all-time favorite would be a '58 Buick Roadmaster. '58 was the last year of the Roadmaster until the name returned in '92 (wagons) and '93 (sedans). I had a new '93 Roadmaster, and then a '96 Roadmaster that I ordered from the factory in '95. I later sold each of them to two different friends!

Have you ever seen Jay Leno's car website? It is

Every week there is a video with Jay driving/riding one of his cars or motorcycles. And the public sends in photos of their own cars which are posted every few days. The photos can be enlarged. There are several thousand car photos now shown. I enjoy looking at the latest photos once or twice each week. As I mentioned earlier my favorites are '50's American cars.


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