Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shari Rides the Breathless Agony

Wow Shari! You never cease to amaze me. Thanks for the update.

This was at the top of the Breathless Agony

Hi Cathy Just an update to the KOM series. How are you? What's happening up there? You kids?

Saturday was the last of the KOM rides. It started at Frazier Park/I-5 and went up F.P.Rd to Pine Mtn. After wandering around the top of the mtn, going up and up we went down to Hwy 166. That's the road from I-5 to 101 north of Santa Maria.

At that point I knew where I was and that was a long way from Frazier!! We made a L onto Hwy 33 that goes to Ojai. Into a headwind we pedaled and me w/ my right leg off and on. My L knee was locking up. Then we made another L somewhere around Ozena(?) and headed up to the dreaded Heartbreak Hill. Just when you think you're at the top you keep pedaling and then there's 2 more summits! Into a headwind! No matter which way we went we had the wind against us. For training the wind is you friend, makes you stronger. But enough!!

Then we had this great downhill, my favorite, hit 48mph, and back down FP Road. 7 hr 42 min ride time w/ a total of 8hr. 1 min. Finished right in the middle of all age groups, men and women. I am the oldest woman to complete this this year. Not sure about previous years.

Sunday we, the club group of KOM'rs decided to celebrate by riding up to Ojai from Ventura. Then Monday we felt better and rode to Santa Barbara for brunch. Gorgeous day!! Now it's a couple of days off.

Going back to graze!

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