Sunday, May 25, 2008

Class of '67 Alumni List

Looking at the BHS Centennial Website, I noticed only a few of our class has photos. So if you need a copy of your senior photo, I can email it to you so you can add it to the website. And if you were at the 40th reunion, I can email you your photo from that too. (Or if you see your photo on the blog, simply put your mouse over the picture, right click and "save image as" - pretty easy.)

The list below are the names of those in the class of '67 who has registered as of today and the asterisk signifies there is a photo.

Barcus, Kent *
Betbeze, Patricia
Brez, Nancy (Krogh)
Bruckner, Dona (Foy)
Chapin, Virginia (Shoemanker)
Coleman, Sherri (Giessinger) *
Coyle, Cathy (Nicholls) *
Dann, LeAnne (Benedict)
Fitzgerald, Paula (Dean)
Flavin Durrer, Mary
Gibson, Elaine (Fein)
Godwin, Jo
Golnick, Henrietta (Porter)
Grasse, Jim
Jennings, Deanna (Lloyd)
Kroener, Peggy (Flora)
Larsen, Diana (Ziegler)
Lebrecht, Carol (Nicholls)
Matson, Marcia (Johnson)
Mearns, Charlotte (Ryan)
Mustion, Linda *
Nave, Scott
Neitman, Madonna "Donna" (Luce) *
Nicholls, Shari (Deuel)
Ortega, Joan (Nobile)
Palmer, Cathy *
Peterson, Jay C. "Chris" *
Peterson, Kenneth B.
Picconi, Stephanie (Castelletti)
Ray, Don (Ripley)
Shalhoub, Judy
Slocum, Lauralee (Sengers)
Weitzman, Kathie (Kale)
Whiteman, Madelaine (Zelenay)
Williams, Anson (Heimlick)
Wysocky, Ron

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