Sunday, August 19, 2007

Carol Nicholls

Hi Carol! Am I seeing double??? LOL!! Of course, I could always tell you and Cathy apart but the Holst twins...NO WAY! Looking forward to seeing you at the Reunion.

Hi Cathy,
How have you been? Cathy just emailed me to send you a picture of the Bob and Tom Holst and Cathy and I going to the March of Dimes Dance at the Olive Rec in 1965. Do you think you can post it to your blog.


Email 8/19/07: Carol, your sum it up so nicely - a real gift for writing!

Hi Cathy,

I checked out your blog and everyone looks so great now. I am currently working at the Dept of Justice in downtown Sacramento. I have been a Senior Accounting Officer, Supervisor for the last six years at DOJ, Attorney General's Office.

Thinking about retirement, but haven't quite decided when. Two of my sons are married and I have three granddaughters and one grandson, ages 5, 2 1/2, 1 1/2 and 7 months. They of course are all beautiful. Luckily they live close by. My oldest son still lives in L.A. following his dream of acting.

You can probably guess that although we live 400 miles apart, Cathy and I talk multiple times a day. We get together for family functions and I can tell you there are alot of them with our large family. Thank you for the condolences for my Dad's passing. It was shocking to us all; because at 91 yrs of age, he had seemed so vital and so much a part of our lives.

We had alot of good times growing up which left alot of good memories. Like Bob's Big Boys after the football games. We never knew who we were going to run into, it was so much fun. Also cruising the Sunset Strip and checking everyone out and later walking the strip and going to clubs like the Cinnamon Cinder and Pandora's Box. I remember dancing to Wooly Sam the Sham on the Strip. Seeing the Doors (my favorite song, Light my fire). Cream, the Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendricks in Concert. Laying out catching rays at Sorrento Beach and going to Zuma to body surf. They were such carefree days. Going to dances like the Pasadena Civic (PC), the Rendezvous (was it in Santa Monica?), Olive Rec dances, etc. Going to the Teenage Fair in Hollywood and seeing a new singing couple, Sonny and Cher. Also going to Hollywood and watching my sister Cathy on the Dating Game. Remember when going to the Gramman's Chinese theater was a great date? Or getting scared walking thru the Hollywood Wax Museum. Do you know the guys that parked outside in the hearse were friends of my future husband? Going to Disneyland, POP, or just playing ping pong, caroms, cards (spit and multiple solitaire), swimming, sunning, putting puzzles together or hanging out at our house on Olive Avenue. And we walked everywhere. What a wonderful time to grow up.


Cathy emailed Carol and said she forgot Stough Park. HA! Yes, some remember that place more than others - LOL!!!

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