Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pamela Roberts

We will miss you at the reunion Pam. So good to hear from you!

Wow, are you going? I will be at a motorcycle race and /birthday for my David (31) that week end. I sent in a picture and will be excited to get the memory book. How are you? All is well here, pluggin along as usual.

You are STILL so much fun. Your family is beautiful and am so happy you found the Lord, He makes our lives so much better.

I have had such a wonderful life and have 3 great kids and 3 grand kids. My oldest Jennifer (37) is a customer service rep for a chemical co., she has Kelsey (16) and Carly (13.5) both full of life and doing well in school, and thankfully keeping their mom on her toes, paybacks!

My middle son Doug works construction, off at the moment because of an injury, has a son Derek (14) who is 6'4" already!! and a great kid also! Lives with a girl who has 2 kids in Morro Bay.

My youngest son David and his wife Mindie live on the acre with me in a granny house. He works for CAL TRANS, the people you love to hate! And she is a manicurist studying to be a CPA. Maybe kids by 2009 (?) I'm hopeful =}

And as for me, I am an accounts payable coordinator for 2 companies, one in Tustin and where I am in San Luis Obispo county. I have been here for 15 years and will retire from here I'm sure. My husband of 38 wonderful years passed away in 2005 and I miss him terribly, but the rustling of all those people and my friend circle keep me alive and kickin. I am blessed!

I keep in touch with Henny, Jerry and Teri Clark, Marsha Werth and others sometimes, and can't believe we are this long out of high school...we must be getting old!

Well my friend, must get back to work, but thanks for the chat, it was great!

Hope you have fun at the party!

Love Pam Roberts Spang

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