Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jay (Chris) Peterson

Hi Chris! I guess you go by Jay now? Thanks for great update.

Hi Cathy,

I have found your blog extremely well prepared and entertaining. I haven't posted because I'm not sure what I want to write yet. Kind of reminds me of my homework at BHS....."I'm still preparing the final copy Miss Thompson."

My profile in is pretty comprehensive perhaps you might gleen some stuff off from it for your blog. I do lots of crazy stuff, like acting in community theater, and I have posted some photos reflecting those activities. I'm also building a 1930 Model A Tudor sedan streetrod. That is a story of its own and the 'my pages' section in my classmates profile is dedicated to that hobby. Enough about me....

You described yourself to a "T" in this last email. You were, and still are, tons of fun......what an admirable trait. One needs a sense of humor in today's world! I await the reunion anxiously to rekindle lost friendships and yours is certainly one of those.
I will attach one photo because my camera shoots pictures in files bigger than 2 megs and they won't send via e-mail.

I plan on giving my posting some thought on your blog but feel free to pirate anything you wish from my classmates profile.

Jay (Chris) Peterson

Got my start working for the City of Los Angeles dept of recreation and parks at GRIFFITH PARK in 1965. Really a fun job working with lots of young people from all over the LA area. Most memorable event was a football game held on the green area near the merry-go-round at night after all the gates were locked. Everyone parked their car around the field with their lights on and the game was incredible. Many of the guys played for HS teams or JC teams and I saw more injuries in that one night than a whole season of HS team football could produce. Had that job for 6 and a half years. Also worked in the grocery business as a clerk/cashier. RALPHS and ALPHA BETA markets for 8 and a half years. Worked in industry as a production control expeditor. Made precision ball bearings for any kind of hi-tech machine including nuclear reactors, jet engines, tolerances within .0001" were common. Exotic materials including all grades of stainless steel and titianium. Owned my own cabinet making business for 8 years. Built custom cabinets and woodwork. Had a kitchen featured in the HOME section of the LA TIMES. Did my own tile and formica installations, plumbing and electrical in the kitchen. Taught HS social studies at Antelope Valley HS for 8 years. Was laid-off when Prop. 13 was passed. Got a rare opportunity to teach industrial arts at a middle school. Had that job for 21 years and the only hands-on woodshop in the district of 16 schools. My students leave my classroom with a basic understanding of mechanical and architectural drafting and the operations of most woodworking machines used in cabinet shops today. To date...NO INJURIES during my tenure as a shop teacher. Put that in your 'no child left behind' BS! I'm one person that got to set a goal in HS and fulfill it. Under my senior picture it states I wanted to go to state college and teach industrial 'em both done!

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