Thursday, August 16, 2007

Meet at Toluca Lake Bob's for Lunch on Saturday, Sept 15

It's been GREAT getting in touch with those of you who have emailed and called!
Whoever can, come to Bob's for lunch on Saturday before the evening event.
Here's who I've heard from:

Jeanne Barron and I started kindergarten together at Miller where we were both Brownies. Jeanne now has her own web page here so check it out!

Nancy Bridgestock - A couple of years after high school, Nancy and I were roommates while we worked at Bob's as carhops!

Mary Brotsis - just talked to Mary today for the first in YEARS!! We caused havoc in elementary school but had LOADS OF LAUGHS in the process! Hey did you know Mary that Lee Freeman was in the band, Strawberry Alarm Clock? Mary has her own webpage here.

Connie Cirinelli, another Miller friend who reconnected with me a few months ago will be with us at Touluca Lake Bob's Sat Sept 15, 2007, 12noon-2pm so please join us! Connie has her own web page here so check it out.

Donna Foy
has a surprise to share but I need to get her permission before I broadcast it across the internet... and no, she's not pregnant (right, Donna??). UPDATE: Donna now has her own web page here so check it out and read about her surprise!

Donna Luce - Hi Donna! Donna and Cathy Nicholls are co-chairmen for this wing-ding, so we know it will be a BLAST! Thanks Donna for all your hard work. Donna has her own webpage here.

Marilyn Miller - As sweet as ever, I am looking forward to seeing you in person, my friend.

Andrea Moxness - Hi Andrea. Can hardly wait to connect with you at the Reunion! Andrea has her own webpage here.

Ron Panich - Hi Ron! Are you and Karen coming? Sure hope so!

Vicki Peters - I know you and I had some FUN and CRAZY times, Vicki ... just can't remember many details... which may be good - LOL!

Marilyn Williams now has her own page here - check it out!

Greg van Der Werf - Hi Greg - how goes it? Any new discoveries in (or is it 'on') the family tree that we can publish? lol!

Only four more weeks until the reunion and remember to meet at Bob's for lunch on Saturday, Sept 15. BE THERE OR BE SQUARE!

And if you want to share you email address, let me know.
Send any info/photos from the past, present or future (future photos would be cool if you can pull if off - lol!) and I' ll post them.



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