Friday, August 24, 2007

Ron Wysocky

Looking forward to seeing you and your wife next month, Ron!
Hello Cathy

It was great getting your email and checking out your blog. Nicely done on the blog also. It sounds like life is going very well for you.

The attached picture of my lovely wife, Lynne and I was taken in August, 2006, just after we enjoyed a 2 hour trip aboard the Goodyear blimp. It was something we we will never forget. Earlier this year we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary in Kauai and are looking forward to where we want to go next, wherever that destination will be. Our 2 kids are grown and moved on starting their own careers and families and we have 2 grandchildren and 3 step-grandchildren.

We are living in Chino as we bought a new home here about 16 years ago and enjoy it very much. I've been in the same line of work for 32 years. When I started it was called Data Processing and now it is known as Information Technology. It has changed quite a bit but the journey is still very enjoyable as learning can be very rewarding. I'm starting to think about retiring and it could happen within the next 5 years, but if the health stays on the positive side, I just may continue on.

I'm looking forward to renewing friendships and acquaintances at the 40th.

All the best to you and everyone who views your blog.

Ron Wysocky
Chino, CA

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