Monday, August 20, 2007

Drill Team, KO's and Drive-Ins

Cathy & Carol Nicholls and I have been having fun emailing back and forth all day (and night) about memories from high school.

Then when I started looking for old pics, I began reading my diaries from 1966 & 1967 - lol - THAT took me down some roads!

So an hour or two later, I only found a couple of photos which some may enjoy:

In my diary I wrote that I was always getting demerits for goofing up the drill team routines!

And the highlight of KO's was when we spent the week at Laguna Beach where some got a wee bit drunk - HA!

So here's the latest email from Cathy on Drive-Ins:

Cathy....we've got to stop this...... Carol forgot to mention the Pickwick and San Val drive ins.... I'm sure many of us remember them.....some even got into the drive in by riding in the trunk of their friends' cars. My Dad always said he didn't like us to go to the drive-ins because of what the other people were doing in the other cars. Who ever looked in the other cars??? I even got into trouble when my parents found out that I went to the Pickwick Drive-in when I double dated with my brother, George. It was OK for him to go...but not me! My Dad always said "Boys can never get into as much trouble as girls!"

Your friend, Cathy


In the movie, GREASE, during the "drive-in movie scene, Danny gets fresh with Sandy (prompting her to leave), then Danny sings the song Sandy (while cartoon hot dogs dance on the movie screen behind him). These scenes were shot at an actual drive-in movie. It was the old Pickwick Drive-In, located at 1100 W. Alameda Ave (at Sheldon Street), in Burbank. Alas, virtually all of Southern California's drive-ins have disappeared, and this one is no exception. The Pickwick Drive-In closed in 1989 and was torn down. In its place, there now stands a typical suburban shopping center, with a Staples store and a Pavilion's supermarket." (source)

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  1. I just know that I had many great nights at the drive-in.. Great memories of growing up and all the friends I had.