Saturday, August 18, 2007

Joseph Bingham (Robert)

GREAT to hear from you Robert and totally enjoyed reading your email. I added a photo you may find interesting - lol!

Hello Cathy,

Thank you for your email and interesting material. I currently am a 4th grade teacher at the Sunland Elementary Gifted Magnet Center in Sunland, California. The kids at the school are gifted - the adults including myself are not. Well, except for maybe the administrators.

I was on the Burbank Cross Country Team. In the 1970's I ran marathons in Mexico, Arizona, California and Nevada. After a parachuting accident now I just bike ride. A fifty eight year old ex-athlete doesn't have many decent recent photos to post.

Anson Williams and I went to Pierce College after Burbank High. We got a part time job being Wackenhut guards at an Italian Festival held at the Palladium in Hollywood in the fall of 1967 or early 1968. Anson's idea was to make contacts in the entertainment industry. He wanted to use the job as one possible stepping stone. Can you believe when I took my son to a collectable toy store I saw a "Potsie" action figure that looked just like him!

I am glad you are in good health full of the joy of life.

Robert Bingham
Green Valley, California

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