Monday, April 14, 2008

Go Fetch!

This is hilarious! Thanks Cathy & Pam - LOL!!! (Growing up, our dog was Oscar - his father was the neighborhood mutt named Dinky and his mother was a refined dachshund named Annie. The funny part was when my mother went out on the front yard and yelled for Oscar to come home - dogs were free back then - the lady across the street came out asking why she was calling for her husband, also named Oscar!)


Thanks for sharing the video. John and I got a big kick out of it.... John had Chihuahuas when he was growing up. But we had 2 dachshunds. The first was given to us in the 50's. His name was Schnappsie (like beer). I never did know how to spell it because we were very young and I guess we didn't need to know. We also didn't name him but I remember he was a kick. He was a big baby and always had to be around one of us or he would not stop crying. Also, to his detriment, he loved to chase cars and try to bite their tires. One day he went after the milk truck and was run over. Richard was a witness. It was very sad....

Then in the 60's we went to my Grandma's house in Fontana and my parents brought us another little dachshund that we named "Nicky." Guess my parents thought it went well with the last name of Nicholls. Nicky Nick Nicholls... The name he had originally was "Kinky". That's because I think someone slammed his tail in the door so there was a kink in it.

Carol and I used to dress him up and carry him around. We made him do tricks including begging and jumping on the couch. Maybe we shouldn't have done this because he developed a ruptured disc in his lombard region 2 times.... Both times my Dad put him in a playpen and did therapy on him every night. And, both times he healed and was fine.

He was very smart too. If he wanted in the house and no one was around he would chew through the doors. Even through screen doors! One time my cousin came to stay with us. He went into her room and took her bathing suit bottom out of the suit case and buried it in the back yard. I guess he thought it was his treasure.

I remember when ever we would run anywhere he would chase us barking and snapping at our heels. If you were the victim of being thrown in the pool, he would try to bite you in the butt as they were throwing you in. One time he did this to Jeani Crichlow and her Mom called the pound on Nicky. He had to be quarantined for 30 days. He loved to dig and swim too. He would swim right up to the steps and jump out. We also had a plastic boat that he loved to ride in the pool. He would run back and forth in it barking while we were swimming around. When he got on in years he actually lost his hearing and developed some type of mange that he kept chewing on. He was a great dog....

I remember Nicky!! Here's more from Carol Nicholls Lebrecht - thanks Carol.

Yes, Nicky was smart. The 1st time Dad took Nicky to the vet for his slipped disk it cost him $50.00. The second time Nicky's disk was acting up again, Dad put him in the car and said if he had to take him to the vet again and spend $50.00, he would not be bringing him back home. Nicky jumped right up and was fine after that. That's how smart he was.

Schnappsie was killed on Richards birthday. We were all waiting around to go minature golfing when the milkman ran him over. I can't remember if we still went golfing, but I do remember that Schnappsie was put in a cardboard box in the living room until the pound came to pick him up. Joan had a dachund figurine that she kept after that and said she never wanted to have any other dog. I wonder if she still has it.

And here's the Kirkwood's dog tale - I know you miss your sweet Petey, Pam & Jon.

Hi Cathy and Cathy...

Glad you guys liked the Doxie video...Jon actually found it...We had a Doxie when I was a kid...Her name was Schnopsy too...She had a reputation for jumping up on my parents bed, where guests had left their coats etc...and ate holes in pockets to get at the candy or gum...She ate the lining out of my Grampa's hat once and I think she ate a girfriend's toothbrush once too...Jon had a Doxie named Tina when he was a kid...Then after we got married, we had a Doxie named "Rowie" (after my Dad Rowen) and another named Petey...Petey turned out to be very expensive, as he ruptured a disc and had to have an MRI and emergency surgery to the tune of $4,000...After all that and lots of therapy and hydro-therapy in the tub everyday...he just did not have the desire or the capability, I guess, to walk...He had no feeling or control over the lower half of his body...So, for 7 years, I diapered him 2 to 3 times or more a day...He grew increasingly dependent on me to the point we couldn't leave him or we would come home to a real mess of torn off diapers and their contents everywhere...We finally had to put Petey and our 21 year old 1/2 Siamese to sleep last May...We buried them together in the same box in the back yard...Doxies will always have a special place in our hearts...

I have attached a couple pix of Petey at the bottom...The one in the chariot is from a little book I wrote about him once...

Love, Pam and Jon

I forgot to mention that my childhood dog, Schnopsy, got drunk a couple of times...One time, my Mom was working out in the yard in the late afternoon and it was about "happy hour", she had a little glass of wine sitting by where she was working in the garden...She turned around to find Schnopsy with the wine glass between her paws lapping it up, like a good German dog! Later, she would try to sit up on her hind legs and topple over...she passed out and was kind of mumbling in her sleep...As I recall, she acted very much like a "dog with a hangover" when she woke up!


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